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Planes, trains and automobiles…I model all of them. I have been building since I was a young kid living on the USAF base in Ramstein Germany in the 60’s. I made glue bombs every Saturday afternoon after I got paid $.50 for caddying for my Dad at the base golf course. I alternate between model railroading, model building and slot car racing. I like them all and have learned that if I lose interest in 1 of my hobbies, don’t sell my stuff for that hobby, as the interest will eventually return.

I like to build Century series jets as well as WW2 fighters. Originally I was all 1/72 scale, but as I age, 1/48th scale is becoming more appealing, although storage for the larger planes is a challenge.

I have been a professional photographer since the early 80’s.

My family has a long history of military aviation in Canada. My great Uncle Andrew McKeever had 31 victories in WW1. My Uncle Jim Thompson won a DFC in WW2. My Dad was a F-86 and CF-104 pilot. My brother in law flew with the CAF Snowbirds and I have 3 nephews who are current pilots in the RCAF.

1/72 Heller Spitfire MK 16E

Started Jan. 2020 Finished March 2020 This kit has been in my stash for over 40 years. The box art on this inexpensive kit from the late 70s caught my eye. A Spitfire in bare metal finish is not that common. I was lucky to see the “Silver Spit[...]

1/72 Airfix F-84F Thunderstreak Diavoli Rossi

1/72 Airfix F-84F Thunderstreak Diavoli Rossi Started Feb. 2020 Finished April 2020 The box art on this kit got my attention right away with the super flashy Italian Airforce Red Devil (Diavoli Rossi) demonstration team livery. The decal sheet[...]

1/72 Scale Heller J-29E SAAB Tunnan “Flying Barrel” by Don Weixl June 2020

I have had this kit in my stash since the late 70s! I think it cost about $4.00 Canadian back in the day. Heller’s 1/72 scale aircraft kits were generally really good for that era, although the decals were a bit on the crude side. Raised panel l[...]

1/20 scale Tamiya Snap Loc 1993 T93-00 Lola Ford IndyCar by Don Weixl

I picked up this 1/20th scale kit at an estate sale partially built for $10 Canadian. The original price tag on the box was $35.00. Some minor sub assembly painting was done. The instructions say the kit was released in 1993. I didn’t know what[...]

1/72 Scale Academy F4U-1 US Navy VF-17 Corsair “Big Hog” by Don Weixl

Everybody loves the Corsair with its unique gull wing and massive propeller. I am not a Corsair expert, but wanted to do a decent job of modelling the famous “Big Hog” Corsair flown by US Navy ace Tommy Blackburn of the VF-17 Jolly Rogers Squa[...]

1/72 Esci AMT CF-104 Starfighter 421 Red Indian Squadron Canadian Armed Forces

I am a big fan of the Lockheed F-104. My father flew the CF-104 with the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) from 1961 to 1964. This model features a commemorative paint scheme for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) 421 Red Indian Squadron. In 1983 42[...]

1/72 Hasegawa P-38 Lightning “Yippee”

Lockheed painted their 5000th P-38 Lightning "Vermillion" red in 1944 and used it as a demonstrator for a short period. Perhaps this one of the first "Commemorative" paint schemes that are so prevalent these days with military aircraft? I enjoy[...]

1/72 Esci/AMT USAF F-104 Drone

The 1/72 Esci F-104 kits were re-boxed by AMT. The kits are pretty nice with extra fine recessed panel lines and the option to build the short tail A or C version or the more common long tail version used by most countries except the US and a fe[...]