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F-14A No.3, 157982, 1/72 Hasegawa

July 16, 2021 · in Aviation · · 13 · 2.2K

BuNo. 157982, First flown on 12/28/71 it was the third pre-production F-14A built. It was used primarily to determine flight characteristics. one such test was asymmetrical wing sweep. In a series of flights between 12/19/85 to 2/28/86 the right wing was lock forward at 20 degrees wing sweep, while the left wing was flown at 35,50.60 and 68 degrees. The last flight of No.3 was in 1990. being donated to the Cradle of Aviation museum in 1995, where she resides today in Hanger N0. 2, making it the oldest in captivity. While doing research for it I noticed that in the inflight photos that the national insignia is on the top of both wings and after checking it out at the museum there on the bottom of both wings also. Don't know why.

The kit is first generation sent to me by Tom Bebout. I did modify the beaver tail with Wolfpack early beaver tail conversion set. it took a bit of surgery it not being meant for this kit.The gull gray on top was the last of my testors rattle can, the orange was again testors rattle can. Decals were botched together.

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  1. Great build of a very interesting subject, Robert!

  2. Nice job, Robert. Interesting plane.

  3. Well done, Robert (@roofrat). I love the early hi-vis paint schemes on the early Tomcats. Nice job pulling the paint and decals together to make a great model.

  4. She looks nice Robert, job well done. I just knew you would do a good job on her.

  5. Nicely done colourful kitty Robert, interesting subject, looks good.

  6. Nice looking early Turkey.

    Question, was the pitot tube scratchbuilt? Or did it come with the kit? Just wondering. I've got the early Caracal decal set for 1/72 and in the future would like to build a 1/72 Tomcat.

  7. Very nice build, Robert.
    Never new that these odd wing positions were tested.
    Must have been real hard to fly it in that way.

  8. Very nice Robert.
    All Tomcats on display have the engines removed as the government ( was) is afraid that Iran , who still operates them, somehow would steal parts to repair their fleet !

  9. Nice job on your build and interesting flight test info. One day I need to give this museum a visit, it’s around 40 miles from where I live.

  10. Nice work on the build Robert, seeing the mixed wing position reminds me of a F-14 kit when I was a kid and the kit linkage broke.
    Had to look twice as I thought the in flight photo was your model.

  11. Fun build - don't see the early test birds that often! All that orange makes it eye-catching. Well done. (I've got an old Has Tomcat to build also - already built the old Fujimi one).

  12. Nicely done, and an interesting subject, Robert!

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