Wild Boar...1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109G-6/R6, I./JG300

Built 6-10 years ago. kit with . Basic camo 74/75/76 with Gunze paints, RLM 66 as additional camo on the upperside, Tamiya Nato Black for the underside.
The model shows the aircraft of Oberfeldwebel Arnold Döring, I./, Germany late 1943.

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  1. What else to say than that also this is a extremely great result, Reinhard.
    Even at close-ups the results are superb.
    Great camo scheme.

  2. Lovely model you have there. The camouflage is really nice. Question on the pilot's rank. What is the equivalent rank in the USAAF or RAf? Also did the pilot survive?

    • Thanks David!
      Oberfeldwebel was the fourth NCO rank, so I guess it would be a Flight Sergeant in the RAF or a Senior Master Sergeant in the USAAF.
      Yes, he survived the war, joined the Bundesluftwaffe after the war and died in 2001.

  3. Lovely scheme and nice paint. This one is on my to do list for 109s. Great build man 🙂

  4. A superb result of a very interesting camo, Reinhard!

  5. Another beauty! I've got one of these lined up for my 109 project - saving this page for reference!

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