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Hawker Hunter

Retired project

Retired nearly 2 years ago and thought I would return to something I hadn’t done for over 55years! Glad to see Airfix models are still around so I bought a few to begin. A few mistake have been made, eyesight not what it once was and [...]

Paper model of a Hunter from Fiddlers Green

Have to admire the graceful beauty of how the hunter looks. Reminds me more of a swallow. One of the reasons I am posting may of these particular paper model builds is that these are considered very basic. You can build these in a few [...]

Rhodesian Hawker Hunter

Found this stalled project from 20+ years ago. As I'm taking care of my parents at the moment I decided to strip and repaint it. I'd obviously had difficulties with this one when I first made it. The problem was around the wing roots and [...]

Revell 1/72 Hawker Hunter FGA.9

Painted with UMP Grey Primer ColourCoats Dark Green, Dark Sea Grey, FAA/RAF Yellow, Postwar Roundel Blue Alclad High Speed Silver, Airframe Aluminium Tamiya Nato Black, Rubber Black. Citadel Nuln Oil Windsor & Newton Satin Varnish on [...]

Flight of Brothers in Arms

I am busy building the following: a Revell 1/72 Hunter FGA.9 which will be done in the Royal Rhodesian Air Force scheme and markings as well as a NOVO 1/72 Javelin FAW.Mk.9. These will be displayed in side by side flight over the Kariba [...]

1/32 Hunter

This is another older build for my archive, the Revell 1/32 Hawker Hunter. Now I have at least one Hunter in 1/144, 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 scale. It’s a beautiful aircraft in any scale, that’s for sure!

Revell AG Hunter

Another one of my older projects to archive, here’s my 1/72 Revell AG Hawker Hunter Mk. 58. I think I made this one between 2008 and 2010. I do remember the outer wing leading edge extensions were molded with the upper wing half and [...]

Roundup of recent builds

Well, I realised that I hadn't uploaded my last few builds so here is what I've been working on. First up we have the new Tamiya Spitfire in 1:48. A great kit despite the errors in it. This will be featured in a new series in Model [...]

Airfix 1/48 Hunter F. 6

The Hawker Hunter is one of, if not the, most graceful looking aircraft ever to fly so I was very excited when I first learned that Airfix was going to release one in 1/48 scale. So excited, in fact, that I ended up ordering three: two F. [...]

Papyrus Hunter Mk 58 J-4015 Squadron 15

Papyrus Hunter Mk 58 J-4015 is an Oldi still presented with other Hunter and planes in August in St.Stephan Berner Oberland. (Simmental) Kit:Revell 1:32