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Harbour Tug Boat LUCKY XI ( 1:108 )

August 9, 2021 · in Ships · · 11 · 2.3K

Hmm, where to start...

My very first model. With this model I had absolutely no knowledge in modeling, paint and all those stuff.

First, I used completely different glue, for rubber...

Second, I wasn't diluting the paint...luckily I used acrylic paint and brush, at least I used proper brush! 🙂

Third, the model looks quite good for beginner because I wanted to look very rustic and old, something like in the bad condition.

The model itself could be better, the quality of plastic parts, the small parts was very poor so I had a bit of trouble with broken small parts and I had to put the glue on. I heard that have quite decent models but on some models, quality is just bad.

But never the less, I am very happy with my model for the first time and I absolutely enjoyed every minute making it.

Please comment if you want, I would like to hear from more experienced modelers about this little fellow 🙂

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  1. Scalemates lists the Revell Tugboat as being first made in either 1955 or 1956. It is a tad dated. It does show its age. However, it does look like a Tugboat. I've seen some of the other Revell kits where folks will re do the railings and the rigging with brass and other bits. So the basic's are there to create a template for improvements. You've got to give the model credit for being built or it was "Lucky" in having been made by you Nikola. I think the majority of kits that do get bought are held in ready reserve or until needed . . . or they don't get built. So this model is a fortunate son.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nicely done Nikola!

  3. Looks like a great job, it looks like it’s been in service and worn from the elements. The background in the photos looks like ripples in the water, Good job on the boat and photos !

  4. Welcome, Nikola. @nidzicken
    To me, you entered this community with a great looking boat.
    And good to hear that you enjoyed building this, that is what really counts.
    Since this is your first ever model, you achieved a great finish, well done.

  5. This is a great looking tug boat, Nikola!
    Welcome aboard!

  6. Nicely done! Welcome!

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