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Italy – The sun and … Rhubarb?

August 27, 2021 · in Aviation · · 15 · 1.9K

Rhubarb - It was the code name for attacking ground targets by fighter formations. In , the Luftwaffe was in a decisive retreat and many divisions were trained to attack ground targets. This was also the case with the 601 squadron that was stationed from October 1943 in . There he was also trained to attack ground positions and was directed to support the advance of the troops towards Rome. There it was also rearmed for the newest IXc in June 1944 (from Spitfire VIII). The plane that describes this story about MJ250 registration and code UF @ Q was piloted at least several times by F / Lt Zdzisław Uchwat from 318 squadron, which was temporarily transferred to 601 squadron due to a shortage of pilots.

A few words about the model.

I don't know why I'm so drawn to Short Run models, at a time when you can get (though not without problems) perfect sets, e.g. Eduard. However, despite some problems during the work, I had great pleasure in building this set. I believe that the end result made up for the hard work. as usual in the sets of this brand you have to pay attention to the geometry of the chassis and adjust the element "dry". The cockpit fairing fits better than in the Kovozavody model, but it is also a bit lacking in perfection. Here, too, the problem was caused by the probably poorly designed paint mask by Peewit. Unfortunately, I was not able to buy the company mask (but I will definitely buy the original one in the next model of this series). The propeller cap also required some work. It was necessary to deepen the profiling for the propeller seat so that everything could be put together without gaps. The remake of the wingtips required special attention. The manufacturer provided a shortened wing in the standard version and included ... Tips for self-gluing and profiling of the surface. It was really hard work! Joining the wings and fuselage also required putty and sanding, though perhaps not as dramatic as joining the wingtips. In the end, I decided to use the decal from the DK-Decals special set, using only the division markings and aircraft registration from the set. The decals required a Micro Set and Micro Sol. For quite a long time, it seems to me that they arranged themselves on the model, especially those on the underside of the model, penetrated well into the details of the wing structure. Even during the weathering, I had to correct them, because one of them started to rise locally. DK-Decals performed well, although, due to the fact that they were thicker, it took longer to form. For painting I used Mr Color paints (Super Fine Silver II, Dark Green, Ocean Gray). Weathering: Oil Wash Modelers World. Moreover, as a "goodie" I used the decals with the markings of Dunlop tires. Also Resin Kit of 500 lbs Eduard bomb and metal gun barrels from Aber (very good set!). I hope you will find both the article and the gallery interesting. Summing up, the model gives a lot of satisfaction with the end result, but it should be included in the sets for experienced modellers.
For me to forget! The manufacturer has provided a diagram of technical marking of inspection walkways for the mark I or II model! In addition, the descriptions of the sidewalks are not very well located, which resulted in the fact that some of them were hidden under the large roundels ns of the upper surface of the wings... The rest of the markings look correct and there is a proper instruction where to put them. Unlike the Kovozavody model. Despite all the shortcomings, I recommend making this set for advanced and patient modellers.
Short Vid about UF@Q Spitfire (but it's mark IXe!)
PS. Lieutenant Lis will return with the next model in Natural Metal Finish 🙂

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  1. This is a truly excellent result out of the challenging AZ kit, my friend @lis! Hard to believe that this fantastic model with all this detail is only 1/72!
    Your build thread was equally great, your attention to even the slightest detail being apparent.
    Congratulations, Lieutenant, looking forward to see your next NMF entry!

  2. Nothing more to add, Lis @lis
    Spiros @fiveten exactly describes this excellent build.
    I enjoyed every step you described in your thread.
    Also great to see how you persevered during the tough moments.

  3. @fiveten @johnb Thank You my friends! i'm glad that You like my Spitfire 🙂

  4. I lurked on the build thread. Considering the manufacture and the end result. . . no pain, no gain.
    Or as the kids say;" Frenemy" something you love and hate at the same time. But, with patience
    and a strong will a Spitfire model was created in the end that resulted in a impressive build to say the least.

    Two thumbs up on the journey, build, article and photos Lis.

  5. I love seeing aircraft in unusual schemes excellent!

    • @robertandy Thank you! Meanwhile, I'm watching your Mustang. I am trying to find out what color (and whether in general) the recesses for the main landing gear were painted, because in airplanes in the museum this parts are usually the natural color of metal.

  6. Beautifully done Spitfire!

  7. Very unique scheme, and I particularly like the way it turned out. First time I've seen this represented, which is refreshing. Great detail in 72nd scale as well. Thanks for sharing the build with us, and the great final presentation.

  8. @gblair @fiveten @johnb @stephen-w-towle @robertandy @roofrat @pb_legend Thank you all for such kind words. I am really glad you welcomed my work so warmly. Meanwhile, I am unpacking a package from my e-hobby store with a new model. What? You will see soon 🙂

  9. It was a pleasure following your build, @lis. Well done.

  10. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Lis ... this is simply put ... a work of art.
    The metal sheen is very well applied and yet the weathering makes it stand out more.
    A very beautiful build, much so, as one considers the scale.

  11. @de4ever @gblair Than you! I'm glad that you like my model 🙂

  12. Fantastic result, Lis, and the photography really shows it at its best, definitely liked.

  13. Great looking model, and what a cool mixed scheme! Well done.

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