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1/48 McDonnell F3H-2 DEMON

Hello This is the Demon from AZ model ex Grand Phoenix. The decals are from Furball, which unfortunately fit the Hobby Boss kit. The decals for vertical stabilizer didn't fit at all. Looking at the photos I noticed, oops, the Demon's [...]

1/72 AZ Models X-3 Stiletto

The Douglas X-3 Stiletto has the perhaps singular distinction among airplanes as not being nearly as cool as it looks. I mean, it screams FAST. Instead, it was stubbornly subsonic and exhibited potentially catastrophic roll [...]

Pin-up Tarzı Giyim Ne Demek? Pin Up Giyim Tarzı Nedir, Nasıl Yapılır? En Son Haberle

Pin-up Tarzı Giyim Ne Demek? Pin Up Giyim Tarzı Nedir, Nasıl Yapılır? En Son Haberler ContentPc'de Veya Mobil Sürümde Uygulama: Oynamak Için En Iyi Yer Neresi? Pin Up Aviator OyunuPin Up Türkiye Kumarhane LisansıDestekPin Up [...]

RAF Hawker Harts and Demons

The Hart story is a complex one with a simple beginning. The Hawker company developed a elegant modern looking biplane with the performance to seriously challenge the existing fighters the RAF was using. This aircraft expanded into a whole [...]

Italy – The sun and … Rhubarb?

Rhubarb - It was the code name for attacking ground targets by fighter formations. In 1944, the Luftwaffe was in a decisive retreat and many divisions were trained to attack ground targets. This was also the case with the 601 squadron that [...]

1/48 AZ model L-13 Blanik

Another recently completed model. My Admiral 1/48 L-13 Blanik glider model. I had to make the rear thin line decals as the kit ones just broke apart. The ones on the wings are painted on. The kit wingspan is 33.5cm. I have done the scheme [...]

AZ 1/72 Fieseler Fi 156C "Storch"

Hi There, This was just a nice kit and build, when you consider that it's the old Heller kit it's still very nice. Primed with Tamiya Flat White. Painted with Colourcoats FAA/RAF Yellow, Dark Earth, Dark Green, RLM 02, Tamiya Dark Iron, [...]

A pair of Fairey Fireflies, AZ model 1/48

So, here's my take on a favourite airplane of mine. I decided early on to divert from the classic paint schemes and go for the more colorful, obscure schemes. So here we have an Ethiopian plane with an interesting camouflage, and an Indian [...]

A Suitcase that Flies! Handley Page Hampden in 1/72

This is my version of Valom’s 1/72 Handley Page Hampden, depicting AT 246 of 489 Squadron. An early version of the twin-engine fighter bomber, it was deployed in key missions before being quickly superseded by craft that were less [...]

Yokosuka K5Y Akatombo 赤とんぼ (Red Dragonfly) “Willow”

The K5Y Akatombo was a primary trainer in service with the Imperial Japanese Navy from 1933 through the end of the Pacific War. It was called Akatombo (Red Dragonfly) after a Japanese children’s poem of the time due to its bright [...]