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1/48 Fine Molds A5M2b Claude

September 11, 2021 · in Aviation · · 26 · 1.5K

Just some photos from my recent build of a A5M2b . Very easy kit to build and no major issues. I really enjoyed building this one. I'll write a full article soon (too busy.)

To get the slight gold/yellow tone of the protective coat, I sprayed on a mix of 15-20 drops of Vallejo Gloss Clear with 1 large drop of Tamiya Clear Yellow.

NMF is Vallejo Metal Color White Aluminum.

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  1. Great looking finish Dan, and a fantastic looking Claude overall!

  2. Nice to see a fully canopy Claude, beautiful work!
    I know I would have messed up that clear coat mixture - I run out of fingers after ten.

  3. Very nice build, Dan @dbdlee
    Great background for the photoshoot. If you could make that propellor spinning, it would look like it is really flying.

  4. What a beautiful build! Also, just an awesome looking plane, really.

  5. Getting that finish is hard, since it has to be subtle. You managed it very well.

    Great result with this little-known version.

    • Thanks. I read your build Claude articles to get a better understanding of what the color should be. I was pretty apprehensive trying to paint the protective coating almost to the point of leaving it in white aluminum, but I took that small leap. Trying to keep the yellow subtle was the hard part.

  6. That's one fine looking Claude.

  7. Nice work, Dan. I love those Fine Molds Claudes!

  8. Nice Dan. Working on applying Metalic paints that are Not too Silvery looking is not easy. Your Model looks very good.
    Trying this out myself on my next build. A Detail of a Belgian CF-100.

    • Thanks. Hope it works out. I'd love to see a Clunk (the both Hobbycraft 1/72 and 1/48 model kits aren't great but they're all we got) as it is a pretty rare sight to see on the model shelves.

  9. Very nice job - don't see those full-canopy Claudes built up very often. One of my favorite a/c, and you did it justice!

  10. Awesome paintwork, Dan (@dbdlee). I have built several Fine Molds kits, and they are always fun to build.

  11. Dan, I really like the Claude---you've done an outstanding job with an excellent little kit!


  12. Looks great! I didn't realize they had that yellow-tinted overcoat.

    • Thank you. I didn't know till I saw a few golden Claudes at a model show a few years back. From my limited knowledge they were supposed to be a subtle color.

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