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I'm 70s era kid modeler who returned to the hobby after a long layoff thanks to school and varied attempts at making a career. My build approach is systematic but my subject builds vary on whim as I prefer to dabble in almost anything, but I usually build in aviation and SF.

Most of my reviews are at Modeling Madness.

1/48 Hasegawa F-14A Tomcat (My moment of Triumph on the highway to the Danger Zone)

Note: I wrote this 12 years ago for Modeling Madness. The original photos were lost after my laptop HDD crashed in 2013 and I couldn't recover them to my dismay so this is what the model currently looks like which isn't bad as it survived [...]

1/72 Eduard (Hasegawa) B-26B From "Wine Women and Song"

The 344th Bombardment Group (Medium) was activated in 1942 as a B-26 Marauder unit at Drane Field which was an auxiliary field of MacDill AAFB in Florida on Sept 8, 1942. It was a training unit till January 1944 when it transferred to [...]

1/72 MPC Mark IX Hawk from Space 1999

Introduction Gerry Anderson along with his ex-wife, Sylvia Anderson, made names for themselves with such great kid SF TV shows such as the the Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlett and Fireball XL-7. They were noted for their strong use of [...]

1/72 A-Model Tsar Bomba

This is my build of the USSR's wildly impractical Tsar Bomba which had proved that there is such thing as too much overkill. Despite making necessary precautions to prevent the Tu-95 Bomber from getting torn apart in the bomb blast, the [...]

1/48 Tarangus Saab JA-37 Viggen

I started this kit in 2016 (and only finished it a week before publishing this article) when I came back to modeling after a 2 year hiatus (due to personal issues.) The kit itself is a short run kit that isn't the easiest to build or [...]

Korean War GB: 1/35 Tamiya Big Shot M40

Artillery was literally the big gun in the Korean war. Without heavy artillery and skilled forward observers laying down high ex on Chinese and North Korean infiltration/human wave attacks along what would eventually be the De-Militarized [...]

1/72 Arma Hobbies FM-2 Wildcat

I bought one of these kits at a local hobby store because I was curious about the Arma Hobby's line of 1/72 kits. I heard a lot of the hype and was curious if they actually lived up to the hype. Also, I wanted a decent FM-2 that wouldn't [...]

1/48 Red Arrows Airfix Gnat

Introduction The Plane The Folland Gnat was a reactionary byproduct of the sophisticated, bigger, faster, heavier and powerful mantra that dominated the aircraft industry in the beginning of the jet age. W.E.W. "Teddy" Petter, [...]

1/77 Box Scale Atlantis Revell F-89D

Here is a quickie of my recent build of an Atlantis release of the old Revell Box Scale F-89D Scorpion complete with 1960s instructions, raised lettering and national insignia as well as generic paint scheme based on Insignia Red. I didn't [...]

Matchbox SLUF or more politely known as the A-7D

I built this old Matchbox 1/72 A-7D OOB except for the decals because I was annoyed with working with uncooperative resin and PE pieces as well as stubborn paint jobs that weren't going anywhere. Also wanted to practice working on SEA [...]