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Hobby Boss 1/48 Yak-28P Firebar

Accessories: Eduard PE seatbelts (EDUFE841) and Barracudacast resin wheels (BARBR48439)

Paint: Various shades of Alclad and AK real metals. The principle color is Alclad Aluminum.

The build: Great kit. Fit is excellent in most places especially the tail, wing roots and canopy. Engine pods fit very well but not perfectly I finished this kit up while watching the movie “Fail-Safe” - fictional but one could imagine the being used to shoot down the B-58 Hustlers (referred to as Avengers in the movie.)

I’d recommend this kit without reservation. It is my second kit (the first being the Osprey I posted earlier this year) and they are both great kits.

Album:[email protected]/albums/72157719866831406

All my models:[email protected]/albums/72157603606379755

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11 responses

  1. Amazing result, Richard!
    I have a soft spot for the Firebar, which I nevertheless consider an iconic plane, and I am glad to hear that the Hobby Boss kit is a hit!

  2. Very nice result, Richard @rbungay. Excellent work with the NMF.

  3. These old Soviet creations aren't really my thing, but having never seen one of these before, I've got to say I like it! The huge nacelles and swept wings all squished together make it look like something from a sci-fi movie. You've done the finish very well.. looks to be a big brute too!

  4. Very nice build, Richard @rbungay
    Was not aware of that movie, I will put it on the list of movies still to watch during wintertime.

  5. Great job! Fail Safe was good by I like Dr. Strangelove more.

  6. Nice job, Richard. Great metal work. The kit looks pretty indistinguishable from the Bobcat kit that I built.

  7. @rbungay, I love it Richard! That is a thing of beauty man; I've always appreciated the futuristic design of that aircraft. Another fantastic design from the wild and wooly 1950s! Great looking NMF and a sweet scale model! 🙂

  8. Looks great! I always liked the weird look of this rakish aircraft - just menacing even sitting still.

  9. Great looking Cold War plane, Richard (@rbungay). It looks like a real beast.

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