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Machi Mc.202 Folgore (Italeri 1/72)

September 11, 2021 · in Aviation · · 23 · 2.4K

Hi all

I haven't post here for a while, so I decided to post the little Italian stallion I just finished today.

Machi Mc.202 ( ) representing a very well documented aircraft of the 51 Stormo, 153 Gruppo Autonomo, 374 Squadriglia - Sicily 1942.
Model built basically straight from the box apart for the seat belts. Painted with Gunze aqueous line.
he camouflage smoking rings weren't too difficult as I was thinking at first. I used Tamiya XF-13 thinned with Tamiya paint retarder (1:1) and applied with a fine pointed brush.
I firstly drawn how I wanted the rings formats based on my references photos using watercolour pencils and then I brush painted over it. Using the watercolour pencils allowed me to correct any shape which might be wrong (just smudge it using a cotton bud moistured in water), before committing with the paint brush.
Critics and comments are very welcome.

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  1. No critics at all, Paulo @armouredsprue
    Awesome Folgore in a beautiful scheme.
    This is a difficult pattern to apply, especially in 1/72, and you did it perfectly.

  2. That's a cool technique you have for the camouflage rings, Paulo, very effective, definitely liked.

  3. Lovely work, Paulo... a really well-exectued build.

  4. G'day Paulo (@armouredsprue),
    A great build of a beautiful aircraft.

  5. This is amazing in any scale but in 1/72 shows the hand of a master.
    Thanks for the tips on applying the camouflage rings Paulo.

  6. Amazing model, Paulo @armouredsprue!
    Your camo rendition is excellent!

  7. Your impressive brush work tops off your impressive build, nice work Paulo.

  8. Beautiful build and paint Paulo. Thank you for sharing it!

  9. The thing to remember about "smoke rings" is that you will never see a neat set of them on any real airplane ever. They were applied with sprayguns wielded by teenagers. The worse you get them, the more accurate they are.

    Nice work on this old chestnut (it's going on 50 years old). A great result.

  10. Thanks all for your kind words

  11. That's some artistic talent applying the rings. I cheated and used decals.

  12. Some very capable modellers use freehand airbrush to paint the smoke rings on the models of the WW2 Regia Aeronautica fighters in order to reproduce the soft-edge effect. IMHO the soft-edge of the real thing should be barely visible in 1/72 and your brush technique results more accurate.

  13. Looks great! Love the 202, and the Italian schemes are great. This came out fantastic.

  14. Really well done - a beautiful plane indeed.

  15. Thank you for your comments Tony

  16. Great work. I'm planning to build this kit for my Christmas holiday build.

    • Hi mate
      Thanks for your kind words.
      It’s a nice kit but make sure you dry fit parts before gluing it in place. Especially around the cowling/nose area and wings roots.
      Good luck and have fun!

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