100mm Grey Matter Figures 'Starship Trooper'

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So a while ago, did a range of figures based on classic rock songs, 'Janie's got a gun' by Aerosmith, 'Fairies wear boots' and 'Never say die' by Black Sabbath, 'Ironfist' by Motorhead, 'Broken down angel' by Nazareth, 'Veteran of a thousand Psychic wars' and 'Dont fear the reaper' by Blue Oyster Cult, 'Careful with that axe eugene' by Pink Floyd and 'Screaming for vengance' By Judas Priest were all modelled and produced in various scales from 28mm to 100mm(ish)

This is my take on 'Starship trooper' by Yes. I wish there were more power armoured kits in this scale about!

the kits are available on fleabay for reasonable prices if anyone is interested at having a look at them.

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  1. Exceptional build, Tam!
    I am not into figures (not yet, but got a resin one to do some day...), yet the fact that Grey Matter issued such figures that "adhere" to really beloved songs, makes the mojo for figures rising!
    I love a lot your Starship Trooper, he is really mean!

    • The 'Fairies wear boots' figure is amazing. Its a shame its a little to smal for me to be able to realisitcally do. I also got the 'Janie got a gun' and 'Never say die' figure, but theyre just another project that got shelved halfway through.

  2. When I think "Starship Trooper" I think Heinlein's book. And nobody (particularly NOT that ferschlugginah @#$%#@! movie) has gotten close to what gets conjured in one's mind. And I have talked to enough other fans to know my "mind picture" isn't that far out.

    This fits to a rock song though, to the proverbial "T". Nice work on this figure.

  3. Excellent figure Tam @fow_models
    Although i'm not into figures, I always admire people who build and paint them.
    You did great on your Trooper.

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