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100mm Grey Matter Figures 'Starship Trooper'

So a while ago, Grey Matter figures did a range of figures based on classic rock songs, 'Janie's got a gun' by Aerosmith, 'Fairies wear boots' and 'Never say die' by Black Sabbath, 'Ironfist' by Motorhead, 'Broken down angel' by Nazareth, [...]

Jerry Rutman 1/32 resin Ta-152H-1

Did this back in 2004. I think the kit is now available through Greymatter Figures. If you're a real purist and want the Ta-152H-1 done right (like the "twist" in the wing between wing root and wing tip), this is the kit for [...]

Jerry Rutman 1/32 all-resin Ta-152C-1.

For Those Who Like Their History Straight... The Ta‑152C was the airplane Kurt Tank was thinking of when he told the pilots of III/JG54 that the Fw‑190D‑9 they had just converted onto in September 1944 was "an interim [...]