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110-g's Schnaufer. One Revell One Eduard

October 10, 2021 · in Aviation · · 8 · 1.8K

Having made a complete mess of my first Eduard 110G-4 I tracked down a Revell version on E Bay. This was a much easier build BUT as everyone knows the nacelles and spinners are wrong. You can see I've shaped them myself and put on the Edurad spinners from the trashed kit. Now long story short I ended up with various Eduard kit parts, overtrees etc. Also the 110G is getting scarce. The Revell one even more so.

So I built another Eduard one. Compare and contrast! None are particularly pleasing. The modified nacelles on the Revell are clear. Theres a seam line I see on the Eduard nacelle. I haven't weathered them at all yet and exhaust smoke needs to be added at least.

Bottom line is the Revell kit was a much easier build even if scales are a bit out. Eduard's kit is faithful but IMPOSSIBLY FIDDLY! The undercarriage was especially trying. The stags horn radar antenna on the Eduard were 100 x more work than the Revell, although again the Revell is probably over scale.

I notice the Shrage Musik (SP?) exits the canopy in a slightly different place on each.

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  1. Well, they ate both very beautiful models, Ross, with the discrepancies you mention being not really obvious.
    They sure look like excellent quarter scale 110s!

  2. Ross, there is an out-of-production Meteor Models resin set for the Revell kit that addresses the nacelles - comes up on eBay every now and then. You've done an amazing free-hand job on them. Did you use putty, shims, or pieces cut from other kits? Both builds are admirable. Thanks for the warning about the Eduard kit. I have both kits, but they are not near the top of my to-build list.
    schräge - sloping, angled, acute, oblique, strange. Add Musik and you get jazz.

  3. You did a great job on both!

  4. Nice work, Ross and pretty labor intensive at that. Even though the Revell kit is older, you really got the best out of it. The engine shape looks fine on both kits after all the work you did. I had to check you labels carefully to see which kit was which.

  5. Nice comparison, Ross.

  6. Beautiful builds, Ross @ross4
    In the end you created two fine looking 110's

  7. Thank you all. Would love a 1/32 version of this aircraft.

  8. good looking builds! Well done.

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