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Austro-Hungarian Dragoon Officer 1914

October 18, 2021 · in Figures · · 10 · 1.4K



A few gripes with this figure:

  1. Only one picture of the box art to go by( with a 'blue' thats's way too bright...its supposed to be light powder blue )

  2. No instructions

  3. No link to a useful website...which I found too late!

The left arm as supplied and fitted with the supplied guide lugs and lining up the seams, leaves the hand unable to engage with the sword handle.

A groove into the upper left thigh is supposed to allow the sword to rest against the leg. However, none of it adds up! Hence, the floating hand. On their website it looks OK but, the only way to get the hand onto the sword is to move the hand 5mm over and re-sculpt the gappy armpit area and or dig out a deeper groove in the thigh. The latter would remove a serious amount of the quad!

I'm annoyed ay myself for trusting the parts to fit ?and to the company for a complete lack of information! ?

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10 responses

  1. Good save..I’ve had similar experience with others from them

  2. A pitty about the hand, David @mentaldental
    The paintwork however is exceptional like always.

  3. Well, even with "remarks", still looks excellent, David!

  4. Dear David,
    Someday I will claim for instructions on how you achieve this sublime painting, no matter if they try to ruin your work!

  5. You achieved an incredible result despite the shortcomings of the figure. On a side note, if it wasn’t for Italy declaring war on Austria in 1915, I wouldn’t be here. That action motivated my grandfather to leave Italy (he was from a small town in Calabria) for the US.

  6. Wow David, that's some spectacular save! Brilliant work

  7. Great job overall! I have had similar experiences with all resin figures I have purchased: Verlinden, Jaguar, Alpine. I too have had parts not line up according to the box photo, which is the only reference we have to go on! My compliments to you sir on a job well done and thanks for bringing out the constructive criticism, well said!

  8. Fantastic brush and shade work!

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