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Albatros d. V lt. Wolf. Jasta 5 1917

Albatros D.V Lt Wolf, Jasta 5 WNW 1:32 Tamiya paints Alclad II metals and printing inks Prop oils over acrylics Gaspatch metal turnbuckles ( hence rough cast finish!) Infini elastic thread for rigging

Albatros d. V

Albatros build complete Paul Baumer, Jasta 5 , July 1917. Died July 1927. 43 victories. I had to build this one as he like me was a dentist. Found the build not as good as some of the more complex 2 seaters.....that top wing was a [email protected][email protected]! Yes, [...]

Nieuport XXIII Edmond Thieffrey 1892-1929 N.5 squadron 1916

Copper State Models 1:32 Tamiya and Gunze with Alclad ,metals Infini line and Gaspatch turnbuckles

PFALZ Dllla Max Holtzem, Jasta 16b, early 1918

WNW 1:32 Tamiya and MRP paints Gaspatch turnbuckles and Bob's Buckles Infini elastic thread.

Airco dh9

Westland built D.H.9 B7620 J A Gray & J J Comerford, A Flight, 211 Sqn. 27th June 1918 shortly before being brought down in a Dutch field after being hit by flak WNW 1:32 32035

Nieuport Ni-11, Bebe 1916 Jean M D Navarre

Special Hobby 1:32 Awful kit. Many problems with poor mouldings, plastic like cheese and no locating holes !! Relieved to finish it!

Rene Dorme, Nieuport 17 July 1916

Copper State Models 32001

Lt.Charles Nungesser Nieuport 17 [Late] N.65 Escadrille Nov 1916

Copper State Models 1:32

RUMPLER C.lV ‘Dalila’

WNW 1:32 Tamiya paint EZ line with Gaspatch 1:32 trunbuckles

NCO Veteran 1916

John Smith Modelbau 120mm Oils