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Werner voss 1897-1917

Model Cellar 1:32 Oils

The first “Carrier”

Greetings all! This is an effort I completed as an entry in a contest category celebrating the 100 year anniversary of WW1 events back in 2017. This unpowered vessel was a converted Royal Navy seaplane lighter (A flying boat would land behind it[...]

Salmson 2-a2 / otsu 1

Salmson 2-A2 602 "Le Gone", SAL 61 Late 1918 to Feb 1919 Wingnut Wings 1:32 Kit 32038

Roland C.ll Profipack 8043 Lt.Seibert/Hptm.Pfleger Late 1916

1:48 OOB Mainly Bob's buckles except Gaspatch on the snout!

Hanriot hd. 1

HANRIOT HD.1 [ WEEKEND] KIT 8412 1:48 4386-81 Squadriqlia Caccia lV Gruppo Aeroplani Italy 1917 Bob's Buckles 0.4mm /Uschi rigging

Fokker Eindecker E.ll 37/15

WNW 1:32 Fokker Eindecker E.ll 37/15 Max Immelmann Feldfleiger Abteilung 62 Oct-Nov 1915 [ 15 victories] Tamiya acrylics. Gaspatch turn buckles with Uschi thread. Prop acrylic brush painted then oils over the top

Albatros d. 111 oefag 253. 36 othmar wolfan flik 56j


Prussian NCO WW1 bust

Sculpted by Carl Reid for Frank Miniatures to commemorate the 1914-18 conflict 1:10 Oils Enjoy

Fokker E.ll Boelcke 1915

Eduard 1:48 Limited edition kit Figure painted in oils........made my eyes hurt!

Fokker Dr.1 Kempf

Eduard 1:48 Aviattic decals