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Albatros D.Va, Josef Mai Jasta 5, April-May 1918

Albatros D.Va, Josef Mai Jasta 5, April-May 1918 WNW 1:32 Tamiya, AlcadII and MRP paints with oils for wood effect. Proper Plane Neindorf propeller and raised profile spinner. Aviattic wing lozenge. Additional plumbing on engine with brass tubi[...]

Meet the Rickenbackers!

Dolman Miniatures 1:10 resin Oils Alternative heads

Deutsche Flugzeug-Werke DFW C.V Aviatik 5920/16 “Red 6” 1917

WNW 1:32 OOB plus.... Gaspatch turnbuckles Model Kasten rigging Tamiya, Alclad II, oil paints

End of an Era…1/48 Nieuport 17, Imperial Russian Air Service

#8/2021 One of my dad´s rare excursions to WW1. Eduard kit, silver dope painted with Tamiya Aluminium, metal engine covers with Tamiya Titanium Silver, EZ line (the thicker one) for rigging. Build thread here Aircraft flown by Donat A. Mak[...]

‘Gallipoli’ 1915 Australian Light Horse

Dolman Miniatures 1:10 Resin Oils

Capt.Georges Guynemer WW1 Ace 1917

Dolman Miniatures 1:10 Resin Oils Acrylic and inks for medals and lace

Halberstadt CL.II [ late] “Marichen” Schlasta 15 mid-late 1918

Halberstadt CL.II [ late] "Marichen" Schlasta 15 mid-late 1918 WNW 1:32 Tamiya paints Infini rigging with Gaspatch turnbuckles Aviattic decals for wing surfaces Mixed my own colour for the fuselage to match Ronny Bar's art work.

Prussian Driver Motor Corps c.1915

Jon Smith Modelbau 110mm Oils Beautiful smooth casting as always Alternate heads and a rat for company!


Gaspatch turnbucles Aviattic lozenge Airbrushed fuselage Tamiya paint, oils, printing inks. MRP varnishes Infini line

WW1 Major, Royal Tank Corps 1917

1:10 Bust Dolman Miniatures Oils Bit tricky to photograph with the big lid on his head!