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Hasegawa 1/12 Kawasaki KH400-A4 1977

October 20, 2021 · in Automotive · · 24 Comments

I built a .
The spokes of the wheels have been re-tensioned with metal wire, and the wiring in each section has been replaced with thinner ones.
The tank is painted with a gold base and clear red sprayed on top.
The kit is delicate in some areas, but it was a good kit with fine details.

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24 responses

  1. This is a spectacular model, Dagored! An excellent build down to every detail.
    Welcome aboard!

  2. Damn impressive build and photography. If you had told me this was a restored real motorcycle I would have believed you. Great work on the spokes and metal tones and overall paint. Beautiful!

  3. Ditto the above. Very impressive!

  4. Looks real. Fantastic work Dagored !

    This must be the domestic Japanese version . This brings up strong memories for me.. If you allow me I’ll share this.

    In Europe during the Earlier seventies there were the 250, 350, 500 and Mach IV 750. First issued with drum brakes. The zero brake effect of a 2 stroke engine coupled with that made them extremely dangerous to ride. I lost friends on them and the wrecks ended up being bought by amateur racers to compete in the production races on the European continental circus as it was called then.

    Glorious times. Real men. Real Bikes.

    • Hasegawa also produces the KH250, but this time I chose the KH400. It is an old but attractive vehicle, and I really enjoyed building the kit.

  5. I must say it’s more realistic than anything I’ve seen for some time..while I enjoy cars, car modelling, almost all scale auto/moto models no matter the detail and skill brought to beat end up looking artificial ..this one looks 1/1…well done..

    • The good thing about 1/12 scale models is that you can aim for a finish that is reasonably realistic. I would be happy if you could feel this work as if it were a real car.

  6. Exceptional result, Dagored @dagored
    Did drive several bikes already but never a three cylinder.
    Welcome to this great community, you made an awesome entrance with this build.

    • This is the first time I've built a 3-cylinder car, and it's a very attractive one. I would like to post more of my work here in the future, so please do so.

  7. Walt's right. I could have believed it was real if you had said so. Very nice work.

  8. Kawasaki lets the good times role...Nice!

  9. Nice looking bike and it also looks real. Great job.

  10. Great work on this model, the spoked wheels are especially convincing, good to see more bikes here, welcome iModeler.

  11. Fantastic job on this model! Nice to see these bikes getting remembered. I own a '72 750 H2, and started out on two-strokes. The Triples were neat bikes for their day. The early Triples (in particular the '69 Mach III 500) were the ones that really deserved the "widow maker" status, while the later ones (like the KH series) were slightly de-tuned and usually had longer swingarms/wheelbases to take make them more "civilized". If I remember correctly the KH400 introduced rubber frame "mounts" (basically rubber washers) to take out.some of the two-stroke buzz that would tingle through the frame.

    • I didn't know much more about the real car than what was explained in the kit manual, but assembling the kit has increased my interest in the real car. I would like to build the Mach, which is also available as a kit.

  12. Utterly convincing, very well done!

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