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33,000+ Prototypes built... Likely 33,000,000+ models

November 7, 2021 · in Aviation · 14 · 1.1K

(1/48) I know, another '109... But my first Eduard Emil and a true OOB build including decals. As usual, Eduard's surface detail is amazing, accompanied by some questionable engineering choices and a soupçon of fiddleyness. Remember the original Fw-190s?... had to build & (prototypically) mount a full engine just to have a place to hang the exhausts. This kit must have been designed by the same moderately sadistic team. This time, they at least called out a number of parts that can be left out if building closed up.

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  1. If you want a really fiddly-free 109E, get the Wingsy kit, which is also light years more accurate. It's surprising to note, comparing these two kits, to discover that the Eduard 109E has all the same "fatal flaws" that their first 109G-6 had - yet none of the "easily unsatisfied" have ever voiced even a slight complaint.

    Nice work on the "fatally flawed" model. 🙂

  2. Great looking build, I really like your paint work on this build. Also, interesting ground terrain to display it on 😉

  3. I think your 109 looks great, Stan (@howardcgreen33). It is really nice to be able to get a kit that has all of the extras with it. Camo is well done.

  4. Great job on your Emil, Stan!

  5. Neat work on this 109, Stan, looks great standing in this ploughed field.

  6. A real beauty Stan @howardcgreen33
    Always nice to have another 109, especially when built like yours.

  7. Excellent paint/airbrush work ,and you never can't have enough Bf109's

  8. Nice work. That’s one of my favorite 109 schemes.

  9. you say 'another 109' like its a bad thing MOAR 109's PLS! MOAR I SAY!

    Great job, thats cracking.

  10. Turned out nice.

  11. Very nice 109 Stan - well done!

  12. Always room for another 109, especially an early war version. Looks great! I like the panel highlights and the overall sharp & to-scale look of your model. Very clean construction and nice work on the fine details, that really makes an airplane model stand out.

  13. Looking great, I've got the dual combo set of this in my stash waiting to be made. A quick view of the instructions left me scratching by head at some decisions made, but it seems to be an overall very nice kit albeit with the typical Eduard sadistic amount of parts you'll not see and bit consisting of 4 plastic parts that Tamiya would do in just 1 part.

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