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U-boot type VIIc

November 7, 2021 · in Ships · · 17 ≡

Dear friends, this is an tipe VIIc in 1/350 scale by AFV built out of the box. I put it in a rough sea. What do you think?

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  1. What an amazing build, Carlo @carlofar206
    The first picture could be from a real situation.
    Diorama and especially the waves do look spectacular.

  2. It looks like that scene in "Das Boot." Good work.

  3. I think I'm glad I'm a landlubber. Great stuff.

  4. Little diorama that weighs tones!
    (If I am allowed to say: I think you are still in time to trim those isolated hairs and get a perfect shaved and edged diorama!)

  5. great diorama!

  6. Very realistic result.

  7. Awesome! The model it great on its own, but the way you put it in the water and modeled the water really makes it look awesome. Love the picture with the stormy back round, could easily be mistaken for the real thing. Amazing considering the scale.

  8. Alarm! Fantastic build!

  9. Great pictures and model.

  10. Your simulated ocean is amazing, Carlo (@carlofar206). It is very realistic and dynamic. Your U-Boat is also well done and fits right in with your ocean.

  11. Amazing model and diorama, Carlo!
    What a great idea to put it in a rough sea!

  12. Very impressive!,

  13. Awesome! Love that first pic, and the way you have the water and spray coming off the boat itself. Excellent work!

  14. Looks great! Really like how you did the water - maybe you can elaborate a bit on that (materials/method) 🙂

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