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Review: Eduard’s A6M2 Zero- their first profipack edition

December 28, 2021 · in Reviews · · 9 · 2.4K

Today the postman delivers a couple of kits in my door step, all late X-mas gifts.
One of them is the brand new- January release- A6M2 Zero in its first box.

Although this is no serious inbox review, I want to share a few points that caught my eye and I have not seen described elsewhere until today.

First, and unlike several other kits from their near past (2020-21) all main parts come in one single plastic bag. The exception, fortunately, is the clear parts sprue.
As a result the pilot seat comes already loose inside the bag, again fortunately, without damage.

Second is that my first impression of the plastic surface is that is second to none, as good or better than their previous best surface detail.., yummy!

Third is that the PE fret offers IP for what in a first impression seems meant for 2 models, when in fact is for either a Mitsubishi or a Nakashima built Zero.
The green is a tad lighter in one of the IP (the one for a plane built by Mitsubishi) as the other is a more darker hue green (Nakajima built).
This is a very thoughtful detail that shows how committed this Czech company is to the more knowledgeable modeler.

Finally the meatballs… seems provides two shades of red for the Japanese Hinomaru.
I think that even in the photo this feature is clearly discernible

I'm no expert on nippon stuff but from what I've read in the wide web, opinions about the red shade or perhaps just weathered shades of the Japanese national insignia is not consensual (what a surprise, right?!)

This one goes directly to my workbench, and I can only say that the Gunze H70 is not the paint I'll be using to paint my Saburo machine model 😉

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  1. Thanks for the preview, Pedro. I have the dual set and hope to get those built this coming year.
    Enjoy the build. It will be great to see when finished.

  2. This is not my scale, but kit looks great!

  3. Thanks for your thoughts about the kit, Pedro! Eduard confirms that is a totally dedicated model company.

  4. Some interesting points made there, Pedro, looking forward to seeing your completed model.

  5. Pedro,
    I am very happy to see that Eduard has released the new tool Zeros in a single kit boxing. I have picked up the first dual kit offering and your comments are spot on. Thanks for letting us know about this new release, and I expect we will soon see more of these kits hitting the work benches, possibly even a pair from me !

    The Empire of Japan group build has room for some of these wonderful models, especially one flown by Saburo Sakai. I wonder if the F4F Wildcat is supposed to be the one that was flown by “Pug” Southerland ?

    Thanks again and Happy New Year to you and your family. Stay safe my friend.

    • Hey Pedro - thanks for the heads up - I will be investing in one of these. I didn't want to do the Pearl Harbor kits - what are the markings on offer here?

      Louis, I'm just reading 'Samurai' by Saburo Sakai - one of the best books I have read from a WW2 ace and a real insight into life in the Pacific early in the war. I'd love to do one of his planes.

      The surface detail does look astonishing. I notice MRP have just released a series of IJ paints too.

      • Paul, @yellow10
        I'll bet that's an incredible book to read. It's also likely inspiring you to build up one of Sakai's Zero's... He flew more than one and I think I have some information on them. I'd really like to see you work your magic on one of these amazing kits. Take care and Happy New Year. 🙂

    • @lgardner
      Louis my friend, the clash depicted on the box cover is indeed that epic dogfight over Guadalcanal 😉
      I’ll star a build post tomorrow over @ EoJ

      Paul, I’m not at home right now but the kit offers 5 A6M2 machines, spanning from option #1 a Pearl Harbour attack machine right up to a Kamikaze plane from 1945, including a mottled plane from Rabaul in 1943

      • Pedro, @holzhamer
        Thanks for confirming my thoughts on the box art work. About 10 years ago, there was a very good PBS television documentary called "Secrets of the Dead" and it covered how they found the crash site of Pug's Wildcat. What really brought light to the human cost, was when they recovered what they believed was his Model 1911 Colt .45 ACP side arm weapon. The frame was severely rusted and they went into details how his pistol's lanyard almost cost him his life. He tried to bail out, but was secured to the cockpit by the lanyard...which had become entangled. Then, at the very last instant, he was somehow freed, and the plane exploded a split second before impacting the jungle floor. Pug survived the encounter, and managed to make it back to the American held territory.

        I just noticed your new build log ! Sign me up for watching that one !

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