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Ford GT - Tamiya 1/24 with Photoetch and LEDs

February 22, 2023 · in Automotive · · 19 · 0.8K

I purchased this kit and the for it about a year ago. I had a bunch of other projects I was doing for friends that took precedence for quite a while. I was also stalling as I was a bit intimidated by the PE. Elements of the PE looked really simple and straightforward, other parts seemed really complicated. Actually all of it was pretty straightforward. Dealing with the PE did force me to get better at handling parts with a tweezers, but other than that is was just building a model.

I started out on Ford's website using the GT configurator. It's a very cool site that allows you to pick and choose all the different ways you'd like to configure your ridiculously expensive sports car. Obviously, I went with the blue body color. I also chose the orange brake calipers and interior details as well as graphite wheels with black lugs.

The Blue is TS-50 Mica Blue. Two full tiny rattle cans and a little bit of a third. Three coats of gloss and then a lot of sanding with 3200 through 8000 grit sanding sticks to mostly knock down the orange peel. Then polishing with Tamiya fine and finish compounds. It's not perfectly smooth, but it's really nice. The other paints range from satin black in a rattle can, Vallejo orange, a few Citadel paints and several Tamiya paints.

The went in quite nicely, routing the wiring in the body wasn't too bad either. All the LEDs I use are purchased from Evan Designs. I purchased the photoetch from Hobby Design. Some of the PE replacement pieces were definitely a challenge. Clipping out the front and rear grills slightly changed the shape of the plastic making it difficult to know exactly how the PE should fit in. In the end, it worked out but I can't say how many times I glued my fingers together while holding the PE in place. Good thing that bsi un-cure actually works to remove glue prints from the PE parts.

I hand painted a bunch of tiny white dots on the dashboard controls to give the impression of actual detail. Most of it is very difficult to see through the windows. With the body all buttoned up the overall impression is actually quite nice. The imperfections are almost invisible unless you know what to look for.

I would definitely recommend this kit as well as the PE and LEDs.

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  1. A wonderful result, an equally wonderful build thread and a supreme video, Brian!

  2. It’s gorgeous, Brian, just like the real thing. The brakes look great, and I love the LEDs. I enjoyed following your build thread as well, but You Tube isn’t available in mainland China so unfortunately I can’t watch your video.

    • @chinesegeorge - Thanks for the encouragement along the way George! Sorry to hear that you don't get YouTube. It still amazes me that any government in this day and age finds it necessary to stop it's people from having access to information.

  3. Beautiful result, Brian @brithebuilder
    Everything about this GT looks great, the blue bodywork, the LEDs, the detailing, all.
    Thanks for sharing your building progress in the thread, very interesting and helpful.

  4. Amazing work Brian @brithebuilder, I loved following the journey you went on with the kit and the result is fantastic, I really love the addition of the lights, so great. Can't wait to see the next one.

  5. Great job on one of my favorite cars! 🤩

  6. Good result mate! Great work.
    I’ve seen this kit in a shop where I’m working. I think it would look cool with the Gulf colour scheme.
    You’ve got me thing now…

  7. @chinesegeorge - Fujimi also makes a version of the GT40... anyone have a preference between the two? I can't say I've ever built a kit from either...

    • Hi Brian @brithebuilder, someone has recently posted a Fujimi GT40 here finished in red, it’s an old kit of the original GT40, but turns out OK with a bit of TLC. Meng have released the same car in both 1/12 and 1/24 scales, but these are modern kits and look very well detailed. The Revell Ford GT is the racing version of your Tamiya kit, a quite recent kit, so difficult to compare it with Fujimi’s offering as it’s a very different car. Hope this helps.

  8. A real stunner and you have certainly taken this GT40 to a new level, Brian @brithebuilder. I have this kit sitting on the shelf patiently waiting its turn. I will be revisiting your thread once I start.

    • @eb801 - Thanks Eric! If you pick up any photoetch, I don't know that I'd recommend the Hobby Design stuff. I think there are better manufacturers. It was good, but it seems like Top Studio makes better stuff. I definitely recommend Evan Designs for LEDs. I've bought too many to count at this point and their stuff is really great. Please post your build thread as well!

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