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Jenny I got your number

December 8, 2019 · in Aviation · · 8 · 2.5K

In doing research on the history of dive-bombing, I discovered that the venerable old actually did service in combat zones, specifically with the US Marines in Haiti around 1920. I was taken by the camoflage scheme and determined to have a in those colors. I briefly considered refurbishing the yellow-wing version that I had built 15 years ago, but then I got my first roll of EZ Line, and decided I would start a new project, to see how it would go with this new approach. So I ordered a kit on line and set to work.

As it turned out, the EZ Line was quite easy to use (though the "heavy" line I bought is out of scale quite a bit), and I've become quite enamored of this little airplane. The design of the model contributed somewhat to the ease of construction, as I was able to do some of the stringing before assembly (see photo). The plane is painted MM light gull gray acrylic, overlaid with Testors olive drab enamel. I stole the Marine logo decals from a DH-4 model that's in the queue to be built, and printed the numbers myself. Otherwise it is OOB.

I like this one so much, I already have another one in the queue to add to my dive bomber collection (that's an interesting story to tell!), and may do one more after that!

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  1. That’s something we don’t see everyday. Stuff like this always sparks my interest, thanks for sharing. Nice work.

  2. Great job! Didn't know the Marines ever flew the Jenny.

  3. 6545? Um, I believe Jenny's numbers are 867-5309 (eeeieeeine.) Great work on the JN-4. Isn't the EZ Line easy (and actually FUN) to use!? I do agree the heavy is a bit, well, heavy. What did you use on your Goshawks? I used the fine on mine. Almost invisible until you get close. Probably a good match for use in 1/48. EAA held Christmas in the Air at the museum yesterday. They have a very nice Curtiss Hawk replica. I think Lindberg makes a kit of this as well. I'm game to try one now! (This build reminds me of EAA '89. There were no fewer than six JN-4s in attendance that year. All flown in!


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    • Thanks for the comment, Josh. Yes, EZ line is very easy to use. All my other biplanes are rigged with 20 lb test monofilament fishing line, which works well when the model has split wings. I can drill through one half of the wing, string the line through and secure it, then glue the other half of the wing on. The Lindberg Jenny had solid wings, so I needed a different method. Your Goshawk rigging looks good, I'll have to give the "fine" easy line a try next time. I have another Jenny and a DH-4 in the queue that will need some extensive rigging work.

      I'd really like to find a model of the Curtiss F6C Hawk and F8C Helldiver, but haven't found any so far in 1/48 scale.

      Is your profile photo of you standing on the wing of a Martin Mars?

  4. That's really nice work on an old Lindberg kit Robert. May have to try some EZ line on that old Monogram SE-5a I have in the stash. Job well done sir.

  5. I like the scheme! I never would have thought of the Jenny as a dive bomber!

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