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New kit news – Modelsvit 1/48 Curtiss XP-55 Ascender

March 21, 2019 · in News · · 10 · 2.1K

of Ukraine mark their first foray into US aviation subjects.

Their newest kit is the unique 1/48 Curtiss 's ( kit no. # 4808). It is now in production, and comes complete with 6 injection-moulded sprues, PE sheet (also including the instrument panel), self-adhesive masks for the canopy, 2 canopy options, detailed cabin interior and a decal sheet with 2 marking options.

Box-art and manufacturer's photos of the finished product are provided bellow.
We're excited!

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  1. I've got this kit and it really is a first rate production. I don't think any buyer of it will be disappointed.

  2. This is another benchmark for the “we live in the golden age of modeling” quote. It does look like a top quality product and it’s not another 109/Spitfire or something along those lines (no offence, even more I buy these new releases in a enthusiastic way!). I hope it builds well and if so may it be a success for the brand, encouraging them to mould other obscure or seldom made a B&V 131!

  3. This will go well with my Northrop XP-56!

  4. AWESOME! Can't wait to have this one in the stash. I hope they release more obscure types. Tired of 109's, 190's and Spitfires. The photos depict a model with good detail and it will build into a great looking replica of the Ascender.

  5. Whoa, there was a Long Easy before there was a Long Easy.
    The XP-55 must have been a inspiration for Burt Rutan or at least the concept was proven before, Rutan started using the Carbon Fiber. The XP-55 was ahead of its time. I believe one of them is still around and in some museum in Michigan.

    • Yes, the Kalamazoo Air Zoo restored and is displaying the remaining Ascender. It belongs to the USAF Museum and is on loan. I'll have to pay it (and Sue Parish's pink P-40) a visit when I go to ToM this year.

  6. Certainly looks like it will beat the old Czechmodel kit (a real dog).

  7. I've been reading glowing reviews of this kit for some time and your review inspired me to pull the trigger, so it's on it it's way!

    Is it true the cockpit detail is superb?

    I'm very fond of that CzechModel XP-55 "dog" I built years ago. Yes, it was a grunt to put together but it sure looks good to this day sitting along side its other X plane buddies until Modelsvit came along. Now it's time to mothball it. Perhaps I will pass it on to my grandson. Hopefully he won't "crash" it or set it on fire like I used to do with my unwanted models way back when.

  8. I'm waiting for the 1/48 P-51H they hope to release later this year.

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