Knock-off time

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As I go through my old builds I realize I have not yet added this little to my iModeler portfolio.

I called this South Australian scene "Knock-off time" as I wanted to portrait a and his ride as he knocks-off after a hard day´s work somewhere in country. Just having a smoke and a bottle before going home. It is the 50s or 60s and the country was flooded by old military vehicles after WW2. A was worth its weight in gold as a utility vehicle, yet simple enough for a farmer to repair in the field.

For the jeep I used Tamiya´s classic (I could keep build those for the rest of my life!) painted in Vallejo and weathered with oils. My farmer man is from MasterBox and also him got a lick of paint from Vallejo. Base is styrofoam dressed in plasticard, Vallejos ground paste, pigments and some tufts of grass from some diffuse brand... Farmer´s little lizard friend is from the scrap box. A friend printed some old South Australian rego plates for me. I attached them on thin aluminium to make them more easy to bend and look well used.

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  1. Fantastic Jeep! I love this car!

  2. The lizard is a nice touch - thank goodness it isn't a bushmaster! Lovely little diorama.

  3. Great work and again very realistic looking. I love your weathering style.

  4. Great diorama, Stellan @stellan
    Your eye to detail is superb.
    The lizard, the bottle of beer, all is amazing.

  5. Wow, there is just sooooo much going on in this little diorama. I could feel the heat of a summer's day in the Outback, see the farmer's tirednes in his stance. Both he and the lizard are great examples of the figure painter's art. The work on the jeep is superb - "ridden hard and hung up wet." This is one of the best dioramas I have seen in a long time, and proof that the best stories are the simple ones.

  6. Top shelf weathering, gotta love the lizard, excellent compostion. What's not to like?

  7. This is a truly wonderful diorama, Stellan! I strongly echo @tcinla 's comments!

  8. Very nice! A sword into a plowshare, so to speak.

  9. How cute this dio! Liked!

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