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A Game of Two Harts

January 2, 2022 · in Aviation · · 13 · 1.1K

Last build of the year. SECOND attempt at 's for which the instructions can lead you well astray! This is quite an expensive kit to have to have two attempts not being an Eduard Dual Combo. First attempt I tried to be smart and do rigging before atatching the top wing. I used so called Ez Line (**&&££@@@ting Line). Result was complete collapse of cabane struts Learned after a battle to finish the kit except ailerons THEN rig with wire.

However there was so much CA on it by now plus the decals gave me hell I gave up.

Pictures show second attempt. This time fuselage first then apply decals to fuselage before tackling the wing. Even then I boobed bny trying to attatch the cabane first. No go. Complete wing and support it by the outer struts THEN fit cabane struts.

However, cabane struts still look crappy as too many attempts and too much CA again (see pic of Hendon Hart).However it'll have to do. Alclad for front end but somehow not getting shiny look.
I see Tome Cleaver made a nice job of this kit. There are so few of the Hart series out there which is very odd actually.

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  1. I wish you had read my review of how to do this model first. It could have saved you a lot of trouble. Both times.

  2. Despite the challenges, final results look great, Ross!

  3. Always frustrating if you have to fight your model, Ross @ross4
    Your Hart still looks nice in the end.

  4. If you hadn’t told us we would never have known about the problems you encountered, your model looks great.

  5. Looks great, Ross. I found that to be one of the nicest kits that I’ve ever built. But, you need to plan your rigging as you point out. I did mine with stainless steel wire, measured and cut to length. I generally save the EZline for antennas. I finished mine as a camouflaged Irish Hind.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  6. A wonderful model, sharp and cleanly built! I think this is not a very easy kit, which demands quite a bit; you have overcome all difficulties and put a real gem on its feet. Congratulations on this beautiful result, which I like very much!

  7. Ended up looking nice even with the travail!

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