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Guerre d'Algérie...1/48 Vought F4U-7 Corsair, Aviation Navale


After the P-40K, my dad has already finished the next bird in 2022.
boxing of the kit, decals from (Model Design Constructions) and the kit, wheels from Reskit, camo done with Gunze H54 Navy Blue mixed with a touch of blue, EZ line for antenna wires and brake lines, scratchbuilt weapon switches on the IB cover, late style K-14 gunsight taken from a Hobbycraft F8F, "T" shaped antenna on the belly from the sparesbox, triangle antenna on the spine done with plastic sheet because the kit´s one was too small, belly whip antennas with plastic rods. The French Corsairs in the Maghreb usually had a bomb rack on the belly too. But didn´t find a good close-up pic to recreate it.

Build thread here:

The French navy made some good post WW2 use of the Corsair, AU-1 and F4U-7, using them in Indochina and North Africa.
Model shows an AU-1 that served with Flotille 17F during the Algerian War from 1954 to 1962 and the Tunisian conflict in July 1961.

22 additional images. Click to enlarge.

9 responses

  1. Your dad is clearly continuing his excellent builds in 2022, Reinhard @grimreaper
    Beautiful work on this Corsair as well.

  2. Amazing result on your Corsair, Reinhard!

  3. Great look for a land-based, sun bleached Corsair! Superb.

  4. Reinhart @grimreaper
    This has to be the finest French Corsair I have ever seen. Well done and I'll be sure to check the "like" box before I leave.

  5. Great Job! The weathering is wonderful and looks very realistic. I keep looking at my Hasegawa F4U-5N and your build is an inspiration to start my kit.

  6. Unfortunately, an F4U-7 is not an AU-1. They're cousins, not identical twins. The good news is, F4U-7s were used in Algeria, and by Flotille 17. So all that needs changing is editorial with the typo.

    That's good weathering. When F4U-7 BuNo 133722 came back from France 48 years ago, unchanged from when she was removed from service with 17 Flotille, the finish looked a lot like this.

  7. Beauty! I have an Italeri kit in 1/72 of the -7, along with a similar set of decals. You've just provided the reference photos I need!

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