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Toyota TS050

January 12, 2022 · in Automotive · · 16 · 1.3K

Hello again folks!

As promised, here is my Toyota LMP-1 prototype.
This is the number 8 car, which took the pole at the 2018, 2019 and 2020 24hr races.

The car is a hybrid, powered by a 2.4l twin turbo V6, as well as two electric motors.
The engine and combined motors generate 500 bhp each, making the car good for a thousand horses. Well that is before race regulations and restrictions are applied.

The model itself is pretty impressive, but definitely not an easy build. With most curbside car models, the body work normally comes out of the box as a one piece shell. This was not the case with this kit!
I don't have the destruction book anymore for reference, but at a guess, the bodywork came in approximately sixteen parts, not including the rear wing or the floor of the car.
Paint masks are provided in the kit, each part must be masked, painted and decaled separately before going together at the end like a 3D puzzle. The parts fit together perfectly however, and it's pretty impressive when you appreciate the design and engineering behind it.

Apart from the Studio 27 carbon decals, the kit is built straight from the box. There is already a lot of carbon fibre on the kit decal sheet, but doesn't include the carbon fibre for the headlights and interior.

Sidetracking here slightly... Does anyone know if Studio 27 are still going post covid? It is getting really difficult to get hold of their carbon fibre decals, which I personally think are by far the best on the market.

All in all, I'd recommend the kit to any automotive modelling fans. It's a challenge, but a rewarding one when completed.

Well that's all for now!
Cheers for looking.

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16 responses

  1. A great build of that amazing Toyota, Richard @richardmcstay48gmail-com
    Well done.

  2. Impressive build. Helluva complicated body. Just wait a few years till all racing cars goes ssssssssssssssss rather than WROOOOOOOOMM! Spectators will have download an app to listen to an artificial race and sniff vials of artificial fossile fuel.

    • Cheers mate, thank you!
      I’ll admit, full electric isn’t really exciting me at the minute, although the performance is looking pretty impressive!
      I don’t think sniffing petrol is good for you mind… lol

  3. Looks very sweet Richard.
    Well done mate.


  4. An impressive build indeed, Richard!
    The finished model looks wonderful!

  5. Wow, she looks great. I'm very tempted to try one of these.

  6. Hi Richard, I built the same kit a while ago but never got round to posting it here, not sure why. I agree with your comments, it’s certainly not a simple kerbside kit, but nonetheless is satisfying to build. After a few heartbreaking attempts Toyota eventually managed to win the Le Mans race. You’ve made a typically great job on this one. There don’t appear to be any new Studio 27 products advertised on the internet here in China.

    • Agreed mate, even the cockpit was a puzzle! Amazing how it fits together though!
      I hope studio 27 haven’t went under, their carbon fibre sheets are my go to.
      It’s possible to apply mask tape to a surface and cut the shape out with a knife as a stencil, then stick that to a full sheet of carbon decal and cut again.
      But that’s a bit of a kerfuffle!

  7. Richard, that is a beautifully reproduced racer car! What a machine, eh? Those type racers have always been my favorites, and Le Mans is the pinnacle for that class. In 2013, My son Carson and I saw the types race at the Circuit of the Americas, just outside Austin, Texas. It was so much fun watching them around that course! The handling of these cars in "modern-era" is just mind-blowing! Here's a pic of the race winning Audi e-tron racers near their garage.

    • I’m very familiar with that track from my racing sims!
      I much prefer the lmp class to F1. Personal preference and all that mind.
      Have you seen the YouTube footage of the Porsche 919 smashing the Nurburgring record?

  8. Impressive work, Richard! I’ve never heard of this car before.

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