The After Moving, “I gotta build something!! ” Model Build… 1:48 Scale, Hasegawa, Ki-27 Ib ‘Otsu’

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My wife and I have recently moved from our home in New York to the state of Florida. With all the hoopla attached to such a move, little has been done by yours truly as far as building a models is concerned. If I recall, the last model I completed was in 2020-and for me that’s quite a spell!

Nevertheless, I have been working on rebuilding my modeling area in the outside garage, and checking out modeling websites in the meantime. In doing so, I got a bad case of, “I gotta build something!”

I chose this little kit because it would’ve a reasonably fast and easy build-and it was.
Overall fit and line up was very nice, exterior detail was also well done. I enjoyed the build very much and of the kit, I found the only things I wasn’t happy with, was the cockpit was a little sparse, and the canopy is posed closed. Since I built it OOB, these weren’t major issues but the next one will get the True Details cockpit and maybe a Squadron canopy if I can find one. Again, an enjoyable little kit that builds well and is a real pleasure.

Markings are those of Japanese Ace, Shimada Kenji, 1st Chutai, 11th Sentai, Nomamhon, summer 1939.

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  1. This is still a really nice kit, all these years later. Welcome to Florida!

  2. A true gem, Frederick @fjs3
    Beautiful weathering applied.
    Seems like you have rebuild your modelling area nicely in Florida.

  3. Looks great! Nicely weathered, and all the rivet detail really pops out. Well done! I have a 1/72 Nate, will keep this as a reference for my build.

  4. Excellent Nate, Frederick!

  5. Nothing like prioritising one’s craft space Set-up after moving Frederick.
    “Otsu “ in Japanese means; Job well done !
    You should get extra karma point for deciding to build this particular model first.
    Plane model looks awesome too.

  6. Good looking model! Sometimes the simple ones are the best!

    And it looks like you'll be getting a pay raise by moving south! A tip from a fellow swamp dweller - if your garage isn't insulated, get a small AC unit for it and keep your unbuilt models inside. The summer heat and humidity gets to kit and builder alike!

  7. Roger that! Garage has one, but it’s old and I’m sure inefficient. Going to replace it with a better more modern unit

  8. I echo peeps above, the old Mania/Hasegawa Nate is still a pretty nice model.
    I really enjoy the subtle weathering on certain wing areas Frederick. I’m also thinking of building the one I have in the stash sometime soon, yours is inspirational

  9. Rob Taurus makes a very nice vacuum formed canopy set for this kit. It has both canopy versions and is designed to be posed open or closed.

  10. Great work on this old kit that still stands up well to new kits. I've done 2 of these and have one more in the stash. I moved from Chicago to Sarasota Florida 21 years ago and am very happy I did. .

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  11. Freddie, @fjs3
    You picked a good one to build for your first after the move. I have two of them posted here on Imodeler. Yours looks exceptional, and I echo the compliments stated above. I also checked the "like" button. Two thumbs up.

    Welcome to Florida ! Once you get everything completely squared away after moving, I'm sure we will start seeing more of your fabulous work on display here. I was born here in the Sunshine State, but I have lived in PA during a winter as a child, and I spent 4 years on active duty in the Army which uprooted me for a few more years. Once you get the Florida sand in your shoes, it's hard not to come back... like I did.

    You will not miss shoveling snow, spinning up one side of a mountain only to slide down the other side either.

    Getting used to the heat and humidity takes a little getting used to, but it's not that bad.

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  12. We’ll done, Frederick! It always feels good to finish something. I moved from Chicago to Fort Morgan, Alabama a few years ago and love it. We owned a condo for years down here and finally made the move full time. The only downside of any of this was downsizing my stash a bit.

  13. Well done Frederick and welcome back, it's nice to see you back in action.

  14. Fredrick, I have a similar story about moving (about a 1200 mile move), It took me about a year to crank out my first model, and now going onto my 3rd year since the move I'm finally getting the new model room into a valid production status.
    Your Ki-27 looks excellent, very nice paint work. Nice way to get re-started !

  15. Squadron canopies are back at New Squadron. And their website works very nice and the checkout is easy.

    Nice work on this oldie - I don't think anyone will ever do one better.

  16. Looks great, Mr. Feitz. Your weathering is always your true calling.

    This is one of my favorite models, I've forgotten how many times I've built it

    • Thank Kyle,

      I have to get another one now, because I found the cockpit I had, and could not find, because I was up to my rump in boxes!
      I thought I had one but I guess I sold it before the move. I forget.
      Picked this one up at a show near Jacksonville last February…started building in the hotel that night!

  17. G'day Fredrick (@fjs3),
    This is a very good build and the weathering is nicely subtle.
    Like a few people here, I have one in the stash that I picked up at a swap meet.
    i'll get to it one day.

  18. @fjs3, That is a very handsome model! So well done sir! ?

  19. So you became a NY refugee, I might be joining you. Good looking build!

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