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Hello fellow modellers.

After a long break, I come back with finished projects. In this post, I present the great-grandfather of Russian tanks that have just been defeated in Ukraine. /76 model 1943 in my favorite recently large scale. I made the model straight out of the box, with the exception of the added metal antenna, the cut tower ceiling and the Star-Decals decals. It was made in winter camouflage from a unit that fought in the Leningrad Oblast in the winter of 1943. Compared to my previous KingTiger project, it was easy, fast and fun.

Hope you like it.

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5 responses

  1. Looks wonderful, Wirgiliusz!
    Must be a big model!

  2. Oh yes Spiros. It is 40 cm long. Fortunately, I have wide shelves.

  3. Splendid work Wirgiliusz! 🍻

  4. Amazing looks, Wirgiliusz @viga73rm804
    Great weathering.

  5. Really nice work and a great result.

    The T-34 didn't make the mistake of having all the ammo stored in a compartment under the floor directly beneath the turret, which is why there is the "jack in the box" effect with the current tanks when they're knocked out.

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