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Tamiya 1/35 T-34/76 Model 1943

I bought & started this kit in the early '90's. I put it away and stopped building because of other things in life. Fast forward to 2020 and my interest in scale modelling is revived. I acquired new tools & supplies.. most [...]

My first tank: T-34 from Zvezda in 1/35 scale

Up to now I built only WW2 fighters and after a while a tried something new for me. Quite an experience, seemed to me a lot of work, maybe because it was something new. Basically I followed the tutorials of Nightshift from Youtube, [...]


Hello fellow modellers. After a long break, I come back with finished projects. In this post, I present the great-grandfather of Russian tanks that have just been defeated in Ukraine. T-34/76 model 1943 in my favorite recently large scale. [...]

Article # 100! For this occasion, a T-34 Twofer.

Before I start, a disclaimer. This involves Russian subjects in a Russian made Movie. I have been working on these since last Year when I saw the Movie. It in no way relates to the present situation involving Russia and their actions of [...]

Ghost in the Shell T-34 (RFM 1:35 kit + MiniArt engine & transmission)

Hello y’all, I’m back after a looong hiatus. In these strange times things are happening that apparently escaped from a bad movie script; if one had woken up from 2-years hibernation, he’d probably struggle to recognize the planet. [...]

T-34/76 ChTZ.

Helo. This model is very very old. Its the ancient Italeri kit with a copied in resin Dragon turret. I added the cuppola to make the later version. Its full of errors. I added from time to time new parts and details. The track is from [...]

Rusty old T-34

I built this T-34 as part of a larger diorama that I am going to build. I experimented a lot with different techniques such as using a sponge to paint chipped paint. Overall it was a very fun build.

1/72 scale T-34/85 "Battle of Berlin" April 1945

Greetings all, This is my first build of the T-34/85 WWII Soviet Union tank depicted during the Battle of Berlin in 1945, coincidentally 2nd May 2020 will mark the 75th anniversary when the battle ended. The kit from Revell was really [...]

T-34/85 from Academy

Greetings to all forum members. On this occasion I wanted to show you a quick project without big aggregates. It is the T-34/85 of Academy, in 1/35. It is a very simple kit and easy to assemble, with a very good lace pieces. The detail is [...]


My first tank - T-34/85 Trumpeter 1/16