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Exclusive to Members · July 15, 2022 · in News · 23 · 575

Hello all. This is to inform you that we have just completed a milestone update of the site's software platform. To a casual user, the upgrade will not be noticeable, but is an important backend upgrade paving the way to better performance and new features.

Although I have put much effort to testing to ensure that the all functions of the site continue to operate as usual, here's a notification just in case I've managed to miss some detail. Should you discover anything not working as expected at iModeler in the coming days, please don't hesitate to report it here by adding a comment to this post or via the iModeler Help & Support forum. Thank you.

Additional updates will follow during the summer. Stay tuned and happy modeling!


Update: A glitch you may be experiencing today is that the CLICK HERE TO LIKE THIS button isn't working anymore. If so, this is a residual effect in your browser: an older version of that button widget may still be held in your browser's cache. If, when clicking the LIKE button, the browser jumps to the top of the page rather than accounts for your "like", try hitting Ctrl+F5 to refresh the page entirely. After that, the "LIKE" button should work just as advertised. Another way is just wait - the browser cache should be refreshed automatically every few days, so the issue should disappear all by itself.

Feel free to test it on the LIKE button below.

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  1. Thanks for your work and support to keep this site up to date.

  2. Thanks for the great job and continous effort to keep the site smooth and running, Martin!

  3. Thanks a lot, Martin @techsupport, for maintaining and supporting this excellent website.
    Really appreciate all your work being done to keep it running.

  4. Thanks Martin!

  5. Thanks Martyn for your tireless work.

  6. Thanks all. ☘️

  7. Thanks for the good job, I know much private time you are investing

  8. Thanks very much for all your hard work, iModeller is a great site, I just wish you’d learn how to spell, happy modelling.

  9. Thanks for the heads up Martin

  10. Thank you serving this community so well Martin.

  11. I don't get on here as much as I used to but thanks for keeping an awesome site running smoothly Martin

  12. Thanks again for a great site and all your hard work Martin, this upgrade has allowed me to finally edit my X 29 article, regards Allan.

  13. Thank you Martin!

  14. Good to read that your still kicking on the right side of the ground. Your comments and name are missed on the board. Thankyou for your efforts Martin.

  15. The “Like” button worked for me this time, but I’ve had that problem a few times previously.

  16. Thanks Martin. My favorite modeling site.

  17. liked - no issues

  18. Wonderful, thanks all for the kind words, this seems to be going along nicely so I'm unsticking this post from the front page...

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