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Sword 1/72 Avenger/Tarpon Mk.I

July 27, 2022 · in Aviation · · 25 · 1.2K

Another cracker of a kit from .

Yes there are slight fit issues but the detail is superb and it goes together with a little persuasion.

Primed with Tamiya Neural Grey

Painted with ColourCoats Dark Slate Grey, Extra Dark Sea Grey, Sky S Type, Zinc Chromate Green. FAA/RAF Yellow, Tamiya Flat Aluminium, Nato Black, Rubber Black ,Gun Metal, Clear Green, Clear Red and Posca Pens.

Washes used, Flory Dark Dirt, Citadel Nuln Oil and Citadel Seraphim Sepia.
Oil filters with Windsor & Newton White, Lamp Black, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Yellow, Green, Abteilung Starship Filth and Paynes Grey
Finished with Windsor & Newton Matt and Satin Varnishes.
Rigging Uschi Van Der Rosten Fine

Thanks for looking,

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  1. Another winner, Alistair! A great subject, a challenging (typical Sword?) kit, which you completed the best possible way. Love the color shades, they look "correct", as well as the realistic weathering, something not that easy to achive in 1/72.
    Well done!

  2. Great work! I did Swords COD version of the Avenger, I found the canopy assy. had fit issues

    • Thanks very much.
      My Canopy went on with no problems. I guess I got lucky.
      Unfortunately I had to pop it off to fit the turret and it wasn't as good afterwards.

  3. One word: AWESOME.

  4. This Looks so much larger that 1/72 Alistair ! The detailing is amazing. you made a truly superb rendition of this aircraft . Thanks for sharing the colouring scheme information.
    Gotta try to emulate this on the old Frog kit I have !

    • Thanks very much,
      It's a really nice kit.
      As you will see below the colours I have chosen are not the correct ones they should be the US equivalents but I used what I had.

  5. Super nice work Alistair @alistairfgauld, the paint finish combined with the overall build makes this a very eye catching build!

  6. Dang it! Just when I think I have enough stuff in my stash, I see a project that just begs to be added to the build wish list. This just looks so nice it's calling out to be added! Really fine work.

  7. Well done, Alistair (@alistairfgauld). I think the FAA paint scheme on this plane is really cool. Paint and weathering both look perfect.

  8. Very nice, @alistairgauld.

    Not a critique of your very nice model, but most of us aren't aware of how RN Avengers were supposed to look (I only learned this doing research for a book):

    The Tarpon/Avenger I is the TBF-1. This is Grumman-built and as such has accurate FAA paint for the camo (i.e., EDSG/Slate Grey/Sky). Also a Bronze Green cockpit

    The Tarpon/Avenger II is the TBM-1C. All GM/Eastern Aircraft built. They are painted with "Lend-Lease Equivalent" which is Neutral Grey for EDSG, Olive Drab for Slate Grey, and "sky grey" for Sky. Also, cockpits are Interior Green overall. (The Sword kit is a TBF/TBM-1C)

    The same situation exists for Wildcats, with Martlet/Wildcat II and IV being Grumman-built and in accurate colors. Martlet/Wildcat V is FM-1 and Wildcat VI is FM-2 - these have the "equivalent" colors until the FM-2 is all done in GSB.

    This also applies to Corsairs: Corsair I (Vought built) as accurate colors (bought from the same factory Grumman did). Corsair II (FG-1A) is Goodyear-built and has "Equivalent" colors. Corsair IV (FG-1D) were produced after the change to GSB.

    • Thanks Tom,
      I was aware of the equivalent colours but these were the ones in my paint drawers but thanks for sharing all that great information.
      My story is that she was repainted for the Press Day in Royal Naval Air Station Machrihanish (HMS Landrail).
      That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 😉


  9. Excellent build, Alistair @alistairfgauld
    As said by others, the kit looks much bigger than 1/72, all because of your quality work.
    Beautiful painting.

  10. Nice work, Alistair. FAA Avengers are great subjects. One thing I’ve never understood is why was the camo demarcation so high on the cowlings?

    • Many thanks,
      I really don't know either and the Martlet didn't have the same.
      Best bluffing guess would be for visibility on Carrier landings.
      But that's a total guess.


  11. Beautiful. Total tarmac appeal. Yes, that Tarpon does look bigger than 1/72.

  12. That looks great, Alastair, and so do your colour choices.

  13. Nicely done Alistair, looks good.

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