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Curtiss P6E Hawk

August 22, 2022 · in Aviation · · 9 · 0.8K

This is the Silverwings resin kit. - This is a very nice kit overall. Since it is resin and limited production, it takes some effort. PE and decals are included. To me, this plane is one of the most aesthetically pleasing aircraft ever built. - This build is OOB except for flying wires and control wires. However, think ahead, as some parts of the build are not easy. - interior is painted with Tamiya AS-12 spray can and Tamiya brush painted details -The wing struts take careful work to get everything lined up correctly and upper wing correctly placed- at this point in the build, the kit decided to fly out of my hands. It thereby had a crash landing and broke several struts and the upper wing separated. “Oh the humanity”! Not exactly the words that came out of my mouth! - Anyway, all was repaired. Tricky but repaired. - On to the external painting. The black on the cowl was sprayed and taped off. Tamiya Khaki drab was laid down on the fuselage and taped off. The wings, fin and stabilizers were painted with Tamiya Camel yellow spray can. All tape was removed , the gloss coat applied, and the other decals were applied. I had to hand paint the black claws on the landing gear however. Snow Owl scheme is difficult, but it was the only one I even considered. - Flying and control wires were added. Final gloss coat was applied. The windscreen and gunsight was added as the final step.

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  1. Let me be the first to heap praise upon this model, it is beautifully done. Yes it's true, no other scheme will do. Don't you hate it when these things try to fly? I finally learned to make VERY slow movements when handling models and painting material. Have one since the Atlanta Nats 2010? Must get to it.

  2. Great save! I wouldn't know you had to do it if you hadn't said so. That you can do something that difficult so well is a Big Plus. And of course the Snowy Owl scheme is the only one for this airplane.

  3. Wow, that is outstanding. I think I would have been traumatized if I dropped the nearly completed excellent work. A few manly tears and sobbing as well.

    I have this kit unbuilt. I want to build it in the same scheme, but I found out there is no easy way to duplicate the claws on the landing gear with decals.

    One of my dashed fantasies for WingNut Wings was that they branch into interwar biplanes and make a kit like this... Oh well. One can still dream.

    I tried with the CA kit in 1/48 scale, but that was... a disaster.

  4. Outstanding job on this very challenging kit, Steve!
    Extra kudos for your repair!

  5. What a beautiful result! I can only imagine this is a wonderful kit to build in 1/32 scale. Good job!

  6. Amazing looking build, Steve @jimmiesteve
    Good save after the aircraft decided to take an uncontrolled flight on its own.

  7. Nice work on all of these models that you posted today, Steve! This one is my favorite.

  8. Ditto the wonderful work on your posted models. Of course, the Snowy Owl is the winner. What an incredible crash repair job you did. Like that Whirlwind as well. Great work!

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