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Revell USS Arizona (BB-39)

August 14, 2022 · in Ships · · 8 · 1K

A good model to paint and assemble but required some cutting to fit the deck to the two piece hull. About 20 hours to paint and assemble using Testors paints and extra thin cement.

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  1. Nice. Classic Dreadnaught. Is this the Arizona of the Pearl Harbour attack ?

  2. Yes, thank you. And you may have noticed, but I did not paint the black waterline. I had done another one of this, and the Missouri and the Fletcher in the past with the black line and that was enough. I have put this part to rest, so to speak. I just don’t want the double taping off and spraying twice anymore. That is all. And anyway, I’m 77 now and reaching the end of this hobby. I have been at it off and on since around 1957.

  3. A superb result, Emmet!
    Looks fantastic!

  4. A great result on the Arizona, Emmet @bmolloy
    Well done.

  5. Very spot on Emmet! Is this ancient Revell tool from the very early ‘60’s?

    • Thank you. Yes, I believe it was introduced back then. I had also built this model about 9 years ago but it got knocked off a table and broken to the point that I didn’t feel like repairs back then. So, about a month ago, I did this one. And rather than taping off all the “stuff” moulded to the deck, and as not to spray over it, I painted the deck around them with a small brush to try to achieve the wood tone. Her deck was actually a wooden deck back in 1941. The color I used was Testors flat brown. The first one I built I never painted the deck, but to make it more realistic, I painted this one.

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