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1/48 Zvezda Su25

September 9, 2022 · in Aviation · · 20 · 2.8K

America has A10 and “brrrrrrrr”, Soviets and Russians has Su25 and “phew phew phew”. Some would say that A10 is gun with plane and Su25 is rocket with plane. Both planes has same Close Air Support role. We can fight about topic which plane is better, I would tell that I like tham both. Vicious and fearsome planes. I wouldn't like to be in their line of sight. I will not say anything else, both planes are combat proven on the battlefields.

As soon as I heard that is making their Su25 I was delight. Just as I was with hearing about Mi24 in scale. But, I was dissapointed by Mi24, shallow panels, obsolete rivets, spartan details, poor cockpit (maybe that's the reaon for putting pilots in Zvezda's kits)… Mi, Mig and Sukhoi are Russian flagships for air power. It was reasonable to think that Zvezda will produce kits on their best. Buuuuut… I'm dissapointed as well with Su25 as I was with Mi24. Also, I've heard that Zvezda's Su57 is terrible in 1/48.

So, as soon as Su25 was released I had an opportunity to obtain kit. My friend have done Trumpeter's Su25 in 1/32 and it is excellent. I thought that this one would be even better. But, I was gravely wrong. Let be frank, this kit is very good, but it has many flaws. First, very shallow and unusable panel, rivets are somewhere in positive, somewhere in negative. I think that Zvezda thought to represent plane as in reality. But for us, old school modellers this is not so good. Why? If rivet is in negative and yoou dan it, ok, no problem, use rivet tool. But, if it is in positive, You have to think about buying an aftermarket decals or so. I'm not in the mood to put much money into relative cheap model (in Serbia it was about some 40 euros). Also, as a relativly young man (34 years) I think that old school modelling is the best way. Use sandpaper, scriber, riveter, do some scratchbuild… I'm not in the mood buying 3D decals, pe sets, resin… it is like cheating, for me. I have many models with many, many aftermarket parts. But I'm more into scratchbuilding.

Than, panel lines. Shallow as a hair. Just a little bit thicker primer and You will loose all the details.

Landing gear, front. It is sligthly going to the starboard, I put lead into the nose, evenly positioned. But it wasn't good enough, plane was falling to the one side, so I had to reposition lead.

Air intakes were problem, for me. Slightly bigger in shape than the rest of the fuselage.

Tricky part are landing gears, overkilled in putting together. Very fragile.

Also, I've put the pilot as a bonus.

In the end I finished assembly for a matter of few days. The model is not bad, but I had high hopes from Zvezda. This is Russian airplane and Zvezda had to do it better!

I did the model in a scheme from Afghan war. Maybe I've overkilled it with armament, but this plane is real killer beaty.

The model is painted with acrylics and weathered with oils.

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  1. Frustrations and disappointments aside the final result looks amazing. Great work on this, weathering and paintwork is phenomenal. Weapons load looks menacing- I would not like to be on the receiving end of this beast!

  2. I can imagine the frustrations, but the end result is amazing, Djordje @sheol
    Indeed an aggressive looking aircraft, just like the A10.
    Perfect chosen scheme and nicely weathered.

  3. You did an excellent job on a kit that did not fulfill your expectations, Djordje!
    Looks wonderful!

  4. Nice looking build, thanks for sharing.
    Rugged looking bird, designed to be tough.
    As an observation, in my opinion this is very similar in design to the YA-9 that lost out to the YA-10 which went to become the A-10.

  5. You did an AMAZING job on this one Djordje. I like your old school approach to our hobby. Scratchbuilding is a very rewarding exercise. Well done! Your Su-25 is a WINNER!

    • Thank You!
      I started modelling while there weren't much on internet, youtube and social media. I think that the modelling is a hobby for which one must try hard to do the best out of the model. My opionion that everything can be achieved without 3D decals, masks for canopy... just a little bit of commitment to the hobby and using imagination .

  6. Sorry to hear about the model. I had some serious fits with the old KP Frogfoot that it still sits on my shelf of doom. I was hoping that it would be much better than the now ancient KP kit especially in regards to the intakes.

    Excellent build overall.

    Starting to work on the Trumpeter 1/32 Frogfoot.

  7. Nicely done, looks great!

  8. despite the issues you reported, you did an amazing job with this kit. thanks for the concise review - it will come in handy when i get around to starting mine. Cheers!

  9. I think you did a fine job on this. Looks really good.

  10. Amazing work, it looks really fantastic, I have a 48th Warthog and really want to get this kit to sit nose to nose with it, even more so after seeing the great work you did on it.

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