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History enthusiast from Serbia, msa in Orthodox Theology and philantropist. In love with modelling, drummer by second hobby, passionate book eater and teacher in Elementary school.
Started modelling during faculty, first ever build model Black Hawk in 1/72 by Revell. Never to finish Huey also by Revell in 1/48 🙂

1/35 Das Werk Faun L900 incl. SdAh 115

Das Werk, You did real German style model! Well, here it is after some time… I really don’t want to write anything about Faun, everything can be found via net. I started this model last year during Corona lock down. I was simply amazed! This is [...]

1/35 RFM German Staff Car Type 82E

This small car in 1/35th scale is made by RFM. They baptised it German Staff Car Type 82E. Small parts count, little pe fret and decal sheet and laser cut masking tape. Nothing else. I made it for fun and for trailer of Faun. Maybe I overdone we[...]

1/48 Eduard P51-D5

Let me present You my attempt in Eduard’s P51 Mustang. This is Chattanooga Choo Choo LTD edition box. But, I didn’t want to make that model, so instead I decided to do Freddie Ohr’s plane in yellow markings. I don’t want to write about Mustang b[...]

1/72 Azur Frrom Royal Yugoslav Air Force Rogozarski Ik-3

Rogozarski was founded on 21. April 1924. under name “Zivojin rogozarski”. In the beginning of 1930s Royal Yugoslav Air Force was gravely outdated with bi and triplanes. Construction trio Ilic, Sivcev and Zrnic started new project “Rogozarski Ik[...]

1/48 Zvezda Mi 24V/VP

After horrific Sword’s F3h I laid down my hands, like a tiger, onto the Zvezda’s 1/48 Mi24. I really don’t want to say anything about this helicopter escept, it is LEGEND. Can You say, for example, Afghanistan without remembering this helicopter[...]

1/72 Sword McDonnell F3H-2/F-3B Demon

As a fan of famous F4 I decided to make a model of its predecessor, F3H. After some kind of forgetting about that model I got one model from Sword models. It is a model in 1/72nd scale. It is pastic model with some pe addons, resin engine and se[...]

1/72 Fujimi Fg.1

I bought this ancient model from Fujimi on some scale modelling contest some years ago. I wasn’t satisfied with decals OOB so I bought XTRA Decals and stencils for British Fg.1 and Fg.2. This is Royal Edition of Fujimi’s 1/72 Fg.1, it comes wit[...]

1/35 ICM Zil 130

On the 26th of april 1986. Chernobyl disaster happened. From the earliest age I was fascinated with the story of Chernobyl. Films, documentaries, pc video games, books... And finally ICM decided to pack their Chernobyl sets. I bought set #1 and [...]

1/32 Eduard Bf 108

I didn't post since september. From then I've menaged to finish few models... Faun, Zil 130, Panzer 35 (t) , Type 82E... This would be my first post since then, in next couple of days I will post other models. This is Eduard's pack from Striped [...]

Bf109E3 – Royal Yugoslav Air Force

The third decade of 20th century was world’s turbulent turning point. Germany was ruled by total dictatorship, Italy was finding way into world’s politics, Britany and France were asleeped…and everyone was rearming and arming for the upcoming co[...]