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History enthusiast from Serbia, msa in Orthodox Theology and philantropist. In love with modelling, drummer by second hobby, passionate book eater and teacher in Elementary school.
Started modelling during faculty, first ever build model Black Hawk in 1/72 by Revell. Never to finish Huey also by Revell in 1/48 🙂

1/72 Mig-21MF ExYu Golija manoeuvres 1976.

Well, You got Ak 47, You got Mig21… They are here for so long, and they are so effective and today. Mig 21 was some kind of answer for American and Nato planes, I’m in love with F4s, but they are now abandoned, but Mig 21 is still in use. I know[...]

Aeropoxy 1/72 Soko J22 – Orao

During 1970, the neighbouring nations of Romania and Yugoslavia began discussions on the subject of jointly developing a new ground-attack orientated fighter aircraft. On 20 May 1971, the Romanian and Yugoslavian governments signed an agreement [...]

1/35 Italeri Aufklärungspanzer 38(t) Sd.Kfz. 140/1

I’ve received this model from a very good friend of mine, from Slovenia. Good friend and good modeller, Milan Tank Krusic (salute You). This is the model Aufklärungspanzer 38(t) Sd.Kfz. 140/1 which was light and fast reconnaissance tank of the G[...]

1/48 Eduard F104J Eiko

Dear Friends, greetings from Serbia! I've been trying to use carantine for more modelling, and I'm finishing 3 models at this time. This is my attempt in Eduard's F104 in JASDF service. I will not write about this plane because of many reasons.[...]

1/35 Das Werk Panther A late

Well, here I’m straight from Pandemic, straight from Serbia… Thank God that we are doing well and good with this menace. in fact, I really don’t know what to think. Medias are saying one, politicians, other, doctors are saying third, but ratio s[...]

A little bit unusual subject for me But…

A little bit unusual subject for me. But, it came as a great fun and joy to build, paint and weather... I decided to do this project as a rest for some more serious projects I work at, like Das Werk's Panther A late with lot resin and zimmerit p[...]

Knight of Serbia’s Sky, 1/48 Academy Mig 29

Former Yugoslavia was considered as one of the greatest armies during cold war era. Especially Air Force was strong for that era, Yugoslav pilots flew Sabre’s, than Mig 21… But 1980s was rushing very fast and it was obvious that new and modern a[...]

1/48 Italer F-4e

There is nothing to say about iconic F4 plane and all other incarnations of it. Venerated during Vietnam war it supplied so much needed air to ground support, and it was very good in dogfights against North Vietnamese fighter planes. It wasn’t o[...]

1/72 Italeri A10 Thunderbolt II

I don’t want to go inte details about this plane, from many reasons, one of that it is that this machine was in fight against my country in 1999. In fact, althought it was very succesful during Gulf war, war in Afghanistan… it has almost none of[...]

1/35 MiniArt Kfz.70 MB 1500A

Well well, what to say… what can one modeller say and try to stay polite… I’ve been fighting to get this model tooth and nail. Finally my girlfriend went to Germany and get mi one… this is two models in one from MiniArt; Kfz.70 MB 1500A and 7.62[...]