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History enthusiast from Serbia, msa in Orthodox Theology and philantropist. In love with modelling, drummer by second hobby, passionate book eater and teacher in Elementary school.
Started modelling during faculty, first ever build model Black Hawk in 1/72 by Revell. Never to finish Huey also by Revell in 1/48 🙂

1/35 Zvezda T14 Armata

I did this Zvezda’s model as a joy and rest from planes. And it was very satisfactory. Very easy and good model, except few problems and puttying parts of the cupola everything was aboslutely fantastic for build. I painted the model in a [...]

1/48 Accurate Miniatures Il2

Ilyushin Il-2 is well known ground attack plane from WWII. Some would say that it’s role for victory over the Germans on the Eastern Front was very important. Similar to Ju 87 in its roll it wreck havoc against enemy tanks. Il2 was [...]

1/32 Revell Arado Ar196B

I’ve got this model as a gift from my students at the graduation of their 8th grade. This is Revell’s 1/32 scale plane based on their version of Ar196A-3. In fact, one can find this plane under the prototype Ar196V-4 D-OVMB. This is a [...]

1/72 Zvezda Su33d

After some time, and after some unpublished projects I decided to put something online. So, this is the Zvezda’s Su33d in 1/72nd scale. This is the rebox of their Su27. In fact Su33 is naval version of Su27 so main parts are the same. I [...]

1/48 Roden Grumman OV-1A/JOV-1A Mohawk

For me, this was very obscure plane. I’m big fan of history of the Vietnam war era, but in all docs and films I could see F4s, Skyraiders, Hueys… But Mohawk , I really can’t remember. I saw Mohawk while reading old Osprey [...]

1/72 Italeri – KA-6D Intruder

Well, I gave word not to do any other Italeri kit, but... I got this kit on scale model competition and I did it as a joy build, but with much, much putty, bad fit, holes... I finished it in a matter of few days with a little bit [...]

1/48 Tamiya Douglas A-1J Skyraider

Well, here it is. Skyraider, Sandy, Spad… call it as You wish, but this is the icon from Vietnam war. I was searching for this model for some time, As long as I really wanted to get one from Zoukei Moura, You know… there is always [...]

1/72 Special HobbyBf 109E3, Stab/Jg 77, Deta, April 1941. Brown One

On the 6. of april 1941. Geramn Reich attacked Yugoslavia, Serbia in particular, without declaration of war. Gravely outnumbered by invaders Serbia capitulated. I did many planes flew by Royal Yugoslav Air Force. So, this time it is [...]

1/72 Hobby 2000 – Ju87 G2, Rudel’s last flight

I did this model as a fun build. My first Stuka build was done some may years ago, it was Hasegawa’s 1/48 scale Rudel’s plane. The summer was hot as hell and I didn’t want to during the build. So, I decided to do some easy model, [...]

1/35 Das Werk Faun L900 incl. SdAh 115

Das Werk, You did real German style model! Well, here it is after some time… I really don’t want to write anything about Faun, everything can be found via net. I started this model last year during Corona lock down. I was simply [...]