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Ace of sword club Show Social

On sunday 18/09/2022 the social exhibition of the ace of sword club was held in Varese ( Italy).
In which other modellers from Lombardy,piedmont,Veneto and Canton Ticino ( switzerland)partecipated in addition to the club members .
Here are the photos of the most significant models...Good vision

71 additional images. Click to enlarge.

10 responses

  1. Not sure which is the most spectacular. The Cutlass and the Mig-21 really are amazing

  2. Some very good looking models there, Valter.

  3. Splendid!
    All of them!
    A Sunday to remember!
    Thanks for posting, Valter!

  4. Looks like a fun show. I like the Alitalia Macchi.

  5. What an amazing submissions, Valter @zagorten27
    You must have had a great time at the exhibition.

  6. Great looking show and a lot of fantastic looking entries. Thanks for posting all these photos, Valter.

  7. All really nice. Some seriously good work on display.

    Having fought the F-101C to a draw myself, I was impressed with that one, since the modeler also figured out the way to distract the eye from all the faults-that-can't-be-fixed was a multi-hue weathered look.

    Photo 72: model geeks. You can recognize them at 100 yards anywhere on the planet. 🙂

  8. Great collection of models on those tables! I was also particularly drawn to the VooDoo, as my dad flew that model 101 out of Bentwaters at about that same time, and I think Valom is the only one that makes a single-seat non-recce VooDoo.

  9. @zagorten27, Wow! 😃 What a great collection of amazing models. What's the story behind that yellow MiG-21? That is certainly unusual! Thanks for showing this to us here! 🍻

  10. Just a fantastic array of excellent modeling work, love the F-4 camouflage and weathering work, great tribute to Colonel Robin Olds!

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