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B 24 J LIBERATOR .31° st. sq. SAAF

B 24 J Liberator 1/72 scale The model is an Airfix ,assembled from the box,only signs and serial numbers are self - produced. The model represent a SAAF aircraft used to launch supplies to the partisan formation operating in the [...]

Ace of sword club Show Social

On sunday 18/09/2022 the social exhibition of the ace of sword club was held in Varese ( Italy). In which other modellers from Lombardy,piedmont,Veneto and Canton Ticino ( switzerland)partecipated in addition to the club members [...]


Fairchild C 119 flyng boxcar. Aeronautica militare italiana November 1961 kindu ( Congo) UN mission.Italeri Kit 1/72 scale,plus Tauro model decals. Aluminium color obtained with a 33% blend matt aluminium + chrome silver + glossy [...]

MACCHI C 200 1°serie 1° stormo R.A.

Astrokit model resin kit in 1/48 scale. Scratchbuilt cockpit,painted with Gunze acrilic colors

Saab ja 37 viggen

SAAB ja 37 Viggen 1/48 ESCI KIT THIS model was donated ti me by My friend modeler Paolo Cattaneo as a souvenir of Him,he used the old ESCI KIT 1/48 scale. A Neomega cockpit,the lines of the panels have been re- engraved and made other [...]


All the modifications to the ocidental kit 1/48 scale necessary to have a correct reproduction of the pre-series Fiat G 91 R/1 . The aluminium painting finish was made with xtreme metal aluminium and duralluminium paint from AK colors

SHORT Sunderland MK III ,Italeri 1/72 scale Costal command 1943 Dakar ( Senegal)

Italeri kit 1/72 scale Same defects as short stirling in the same scale,1/24 scale paneling Otherwise a good starting point,with accurate lines,assembly not easy,i replaced the engines with resin elements from Engine & wheels Bristol [...]

T 6 Texan .Armee de l' air in Algerie.

Elaboration of the kit Monogram/ Revell 1/48 scale . The cockpit was rebuilt in the tubolar part ,instrument panels and Seat from eduard photoetched part ,engine and front compartment self-made in plasticard and using the cylinders of the [...]


The Italeri model captures the shapes of the plane well..pity thats as for the Sunderland model the paneling lines are exaggerated in width and depth,more suitable for 1/24 scale ,model that endorses scale 1/72 . What forced me to do an [...]


Fieseler Fi 103 Vergeltungwaffe 1. Kit Tamiya 1/48 assembled from the box . Self- built launch pad. Gunze color for the V1 bomb, Humbrol for the launch pad.