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Eduard 1/72 Spitfire MK.IXc Early.

September 3, 2022 · in Aviation · · 20 · 0.8K

This is build one from "The Longest Day" box set.
My first and while it is beautifully detailed I think it may be a tad over engineered for .
The wheels came in 4 parts each the underwing radiators were 7 parts.
It is still a gorgeous kit and I enjoyed the build a lot.
Don't let my opinion put anybody off and if you fancy it give it a go.
It builds into a lovely wee Spitfire if a little finicky in places and I'm still going to build the second one.

Primed with Neutral Grey.
Painted with ColourCoats Interior Grey Green, Medium Sea grey, Ocean Grey, Dark Green, RAF/FAA Yellow, Sky S Type, Tamiya Flat Aluminium, Nato Black, Hull Red and Flat White with some Buff in it.
Washed with Flory Dark Dirt and Citadel Nuln Oil
Oil treatments with Windsor & Newton Oils.
Tamiya Weathering Pastels.
Finished with Winsor & Newton Matt and Satin Varnishes

I noticed in the photos the underside light hadn't been done. Rectified now.
I've realised the the wingtip nav lights haven't been done.
I'll do that now.

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  1. Great result, Alistair @alistairfgauld
    Your chosen scheme is very nice.
    Seven parts for a radiator in 1/72, that is really a lot.

  2. Nice 1/72 piece of History. I have no experience with Eduard so far.
    Thanks for sharing Alistair.

  3. Seems a bit over complicated, Alastair, but well done for completing it to such a high standard.

  4. Bit overengineered, for sure, you nevertheless did your usual excellent job on it, Alistair and the result is fantastic!

  5. Good things come in small packages Alistair. Its amazing all the detail that can go into these smaller scales and your efforts have brought out the best in this kit.

    Two thumbs up.

  6. Nice work and a great result.

  7. Very cool, Alistair (@alistairfgauld). I like Spitfires, especially if they are movie stars. I am always amazed when I finish a build and double-check everything, take the pictures, and then see the things I missed after I have posted. I wouldn't have noticed them if you hadn't mentioned them. :o)

  8. Nice work, Alistair. It takes talent to make something as small as a 1/72 Spitfire look that good.

  9. Fantastic work! Very nice D-Day stripes.

  10. Great looking Spit in The Chosen Scale! Looks great!

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