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Revell BF110G-4 Aims Conversion

September 22, 2022 · in Aviation · 10 · 1K

I am fascinated by these aircraft. Deadly to Lancaster crews right up to the end, even as the day skies belonged to the Allies. This is Martin "Tino" Becker's aircraft.

If you don't like resin/ PE/ CA glue or vaccform look away now.

I cannot believe the value of Revell's kits. The Aims conversion cost £105 to the kit's £86.98. The Aims conversion is not for the faint hearted and the experten among you will notice rough areas.This is not Aim's fault. The parts were mostly fine. Just the nature of the job. The Vaccform canopy was particularly tricky. I wanted to pose it open but my attempt was a mess. Luckily Aims provide two! I ended up hand painting the frame as the paint seemed to seep under the masks on the vaccform.Apart fom the fact masks are nigh impossible to find in 1/32 scale. I got the Montex ones for the ancient Revell 110G which are too small. Eduard only do for the C/D model so I used them for the front half. I have actually ordered another set of clear from Revell with a view to making an open crew hatch. There is so much detail inside which is wasted with a closed hatch.

The Antenna were very very tricky to get square too. There were a lot of words which sounded like "FUG" while I did battle!.
A great deal of care needs to be taken building the engine nacelles. Don't follow the Revell instructions. However the fit was excellent.

Great fun and a reasonable result. Not happy with the vaccform though! If there was a proper 1/32 110G-4 I would buy it in a heartbeat. I am not much interested in the regular 110 but Revell have made a superb kit here for unbeatable money.
If you don't like resin/ PE/ CA glue or vaccform look away!

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  1. Actually it is wonderful result, Ross, especially taking into account the complexity of the build with the resin and vac.
    Well done!

  2. Indeed an excellent result, Ross @ross4
    Great work done with all the extras.

  3. An excellent result with that old turkey.

  4. Nice job. I feel for you. Making the Revell into a decent nightfighter is tough. Long ago I used the Jerry Rutman set to make this same plane. I have used AIMS sets for other planes and they are well done. You have done right by John and yourself on this.

  5. Great job, Ross (@ross4). Even in 1/32, this kit and conversion must have been a real challenge. I have never had any luck at all with vac canopies, so getting yours on the plane puts you miles ahead of me. I just read some stories about the Lancaster crews and their encounters with these night fighters. It took some real brave men to step into the bombers night after night knowing the night fighters were waiting for them.

  6. A splendid result Ross @ross4. Like you I am fascinated by the Bf110, especially in its nightfighter form. I have built two in this scale based on the Dragon kit (which is an excellent kit); an E which was pretty much OOB and a late G4 using the AIMS conversion but I’m also in the middle of an early G4 using the AIMS G2 conversion plus a few extra bits.

    I have to concur with the other comments, from the Revell base (which leaves a huge amount of work to do) you have made a really impressive model, and yes, the Lichtenstein array is extraordinarily difficult to get right in every “plane”.

  7. I always think of the song "Bomber's Moon" by Mike Harding. "Young men sending young men to their graves".

  8. Looks great! I love the 110 as a night fighter - did one myself in 1/72. The 110 was always one of my favorite kits to build as a kid.

  9. Thanks for the comments folks!

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