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Kayaba Ka-Go Ka-1 (FineMolds 1/72)

November 30, 2022 · in Aviation · · 19 · 0.9K

This was a kit I've bought recently for no reason in my local hobby shop. Just an interesting unusual prototype, and it was looking as an easy kit to build. And so it was. It took me just four days to complete it. Nice OOB (well, not really, but still – I've just added PE seat belts, but it's not visible on the photos, so let's assume it's OOB). released this in late 90's, so it's not that good as their new kits, but it's not bad. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Neat little job, Dmitry, must have been windy in that cockpit.

  2. A great subject chosen and a wonderful job done, Dmitry!

  3. Very nice result, Dmitry @starfar
    Parts must have been quite small if you consider this is just 1/72

  4. I've done this kit as well. It's fun and you've done a really neat job on it.

  5. Nice job, Dmitry. For being 1/72, of a small subject, the kit has nice details and you did a great job accenting them.

  6. @starfar
    Very neat model, I like the weathering that brings the model to life

  7. Interesting kit, Dmitry. Well done.

  8. That came out really well. Great shading.

  9. That's lovely - and such an eye-catching subject. I wish they'd do one in 1/48.

    I've become quite a fan of Fine Molds. They seem to have three eras in their history:

    1 - The early '90s low pressure injection molded kits with white metal details.

    2 - The period starting in the mid to late '90s when their molds got more sophisticated and they phased out the metal parts. Fit was decent to good and surface detail was good.

    3 - The new stuff, with impressive fit and engineering. Their A5M, Ka-14 and Ki-10 kits are a joy to build.

    Throughout their history they've always picked interesting subjects that were either underrepresented or didn't previously exist. I can't wait to see what they do next.

  10. Nice little build, and your weathering really makes it pop, and look much larger "scale" than it is! Well done.

  11. Thank you all for you comments! Thank you!

  12. Very nice work on a little-seen subject. Everything came together perfectly.

  13. An unusual build, looks great!

  14. very unusual build!

  15. Thank you everybody!

  16. Nicely done Dmitry.

  17. Beautiful work Dmitry!

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