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"iModeler asks for your consent to use your personal data": Is this a scam?

Personal Diary · December 7, 2022 · in Uncategorized · 19 · 550

Hi guys ,I have been getting this message when I attempt to access the site , it is not always there and I have found that I can bypass it by opening an email from an imodeler ,When it is on my screen there is no way to remove it and it only allows you to consent which I haven't done, I am extremely scam averse and this just does not smell right to me. Has anyone else seen this ?

See editor's reply below. (Ed.)

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  1. Looks dodgy to me, Neil. Never give access to your personal information. Note that whoever it is can’t spell iModeler properly.

  2. Never seen that before. Thoughts @editor?

  3. Looks like it’s asking to accept cookies …..are u accessing with a phone or tablet?

  4. Where in Europe are you? That might make a difference.

  5. Never seen this, but I'm in the US and our online privacy laws suck.

  6. To me looks like a regular EU consent message when you visit a site for a first time or after a long time. Seems legit.

  7. Hello,

    No, this is not a scam. It's a cookie & privacy consent message coupled to the advertising that we display to non-member users at the front page. It is stipulated by EU and UK online privacy law (GDPR). If you read through it (but who does :)), you will see that it's asking for consent to with respect to this site.

    As you may know, we display ads to public visitors to iModeler to cover our operational expenses. Registered & logged-in members are enjoying ad-free access. There's a separate privacy policy for registered members that can be found in the footer, but for public visitors, there's need to ask for consent to serve ads on repeated visits. The ad vendor is Google.


    • if you are logged in, you won't be getting the above message.
    • if you are NOT within EU, the UK or the EES, you probably won't be getting the above either

    Many websites these days display a similar consent box on your first visit. You will have to either Consent or Manage options and select your privacy settings to proceed. After that, the dialog box should not be appearing again.

    Hope this helps!

  8. Not sure why I'm getting it then because I am logged in and it blocks any action unless you accept ,which means I couldn't log in if I wanted to...

  9. @neil-foster & @techsupport, sometimes when I return to browsing on the site, primarily on PC, the site will open as if I'm not logged in. However, if I click any of the subheadings in the upper corner of the page (including groups, login, etc), the site takes me to the next page, but then suddenly I'm logged in. Perhaps this is what is happening with Neil, with the caveat being the EU restriction?

    • This is a known "ghost" problem that's probably related to our frontend caching.
      And it might be related to Neil's issue, in the way which you rightly point out 🙂

      I'll be opening a Help & Support thread to track this (where btw Neil's original issue belongs, too).

  10. Hi Andy, I don't think that will work ,the consent page completely blocks out everything else, the only way round it when it occurs is to open an email from an imodeler and access the site from the link, it's a real pain .

  11. @neil-foster I have been able to update the consent box with a Do not consent button and a [x] (close) button. Thanks for pointing out that the "close" option was missing

    You should now be able to close the dialog box without making any active choice. Pls let me know if this works.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  12. Thanks Martin for your prompt action , you do a great job .
    Cheers Neil

  13. Ok Neil, so now I'm marking this post as "personal".
    That's because support questions should really be kept off the Headlines. Next time please use Help & Support in Groups. Kindest,

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