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Sandtrooper riding Dewback

December 29, 2022 · in Sci-fi · · 17 · 1K

My love of started when I was 7. My Dad took me to the theater in Ashland, WI shortly after Episode IV - A New Hope opened. As we sat there eating popcorn the giant star destroyer entered the scene and just kept getting bigger. I can still remember the feeling of how immense it was. As I watched the movie, I was completely hooked, there had never been anything like it before in my life. My Dad is still around, he's in his 80s and we still talk about that movie.

I'm definitely more of a fan of the good guys than the bad guys but one of my best friends, Josh, had the Sandtrooper action figure that was about 3 inches tall and the dewback for him to 'ride'. The Trooper didn't really ride the Dewback, the saddle had a spring loaded hatch that the troopers legs stuck into and we played Star Wars a lot. That action figure was a part of many adventures featuring the Luke and Han action figures. Josh had Greedo, and a bunch of others as well. I didn't have many myself so it was great to go to his house and play.

Fast forward about 45 years later (I'm 52 now), and I see the images from StannArts while I was researching how I was going to paint and weather my Bandai Sandtrooper. I completely fell in love with the kit, but couldn't justify the cost. Fortunately, I was building and painting quite a few Warhammer 40K models for a friend and he agreed to buy the kit for me as payment for the work.

As I was researching this kit and how I wanted to paint and weather it, I found iModeler and an excellent Trooper build from a member, Travis Paschall (@snaps0351). I had never heard of the site before that and I am incredibly happy to be a member. I received a ton of support and amazing suggestions throughout the build in the Sci-Fi WIP Group. Thanks to everyone!

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  1. You did an amazing job on this subject, Brian @brithebuilder
    The colors and expression of the drewback are very dynamic, especially the look of his face.
    Also the sandy look of the stormtrooper is very realistic.
    It was a pleasure following your thread on the progress of this build.
    Happy New Year.

  2. I followed your build thread Brian @brithebuilder. You nailed it. Your painting skills are excellent.

  3. @johnb - Thank you very much! Happy new Year to you and yours!

    @eb801 - Much appreciated. Makes me wish I'd known about iModeler a long time ago. The suggestions from fellow modelers/builders helped tremendously!

  4. Indeed, an amazing model, Brian! I really enjoyed your build thread! A great subject, an excellent build!

  5. I'm sing with the choir on this one. The build thread was a lot of fun. Good science fiction is on the fringe of being real and shows where technology can take us. To different planets with different characters. Along the way a modeler is not constrained by history or military specs but, can let the mind come up with new and exciting creatures. The Dewback and trooper are an opening to Luca's creations and movies. Cool build Brian.

    Looked over your post on Youtube too.

    Two thumbs up.
    Had to smash the like button.

  6. @fiveten - I appreciate your help along the way. The first to welcome me here and quite a bit of guidance as to how to navigate the forums and where to post appropriately. Thank You!

    @stephen-w-towle - Your suggestions made the whole project better! Thanks again, you're awesome!

    As to being constrained by history and military specs. I have an old Apollo 11 Lunar Lander that's missing some pieces that I'll have to custom 3D model and print, 3 different tanks... A 1:32 scale F16, a Ford GT, and a 69 Pontiac GTO. Mixed in with those builds will be many fantasy type projects as well. Future's so bright!

  7. Nice finish, Brian. Well done!

  8. Nicely done Brian!

  9. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed building this on iModeler, Brian, it turned out great, looking forward to seeing more in 2023.

  10. @chinesegeorge - I'm so glad all of you enjoyed the build. I'm definitely looking forward to being a continued part of this community. It's so great to have a group to talk to about this stuff. None of my friends or family are truly interested.


    • Same here, Brian, this hobby is virtually unknown among the Chinese, they don’t understand it at all.

      • George and Brian: I can tell you there are plenty of people right here in the good ol' USofA who don't understand it at as well. I've also heard said, never ever mention building models on a dating site no matter what the age group.

  11. @chinesegeorge, @eb801 - I'm in Wisconsin and I also teach 3D animation at the Milwaukee Area Tech College so I talk to a lot of people about my hobby... so far, only one of my students (that I know of) is a builder, they're only into Gundam, which is cool, I love Gundam as well, but I like to build everything... It is a little odd to me that not more people are into this hobby. There's so much variety of subject matter. I can imagine that there are quite a few hobbies that wouldn't go over well on dating sites. LMAO

  12. The end result is turned out great Brian. That trooper is defiantly not a shiny. Enjoyed you WIP as well.

  13. @coondog - Thanks, the weathering on the trooper is one of the most fun parts. It's so quick and it makes such a difference in the realism.

  14. Wooow! great job Brian. Looks Great

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