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F-101B Voodoo Kitty Hawk 1/48

January 13, 2023 · in Aviation · · 34 · 0.9K

Having seen Ravi's @blackmopane, superb example posted in the last few days, I thought I'd dig my feeble effort of this kit out and see if it was worth posting here.

Why did I buy/build this kit? I think there were three reasons.

First, 's F-101A kit was getting a pounding from some quarters and I wanted to see if it really was that bad.

Secondly, when I built this , about four years ago, I had a Canadian drinking mate, who was also an aviation enthusiast, and the kit included RCAF markings.

Thirdly, I'm a Jimi Hendrix fan, and Voodoo Chil' is one of my favourite tracks.

Forearmed is forewarned, and I when I built this kit I was expecting trouble. Actually, with the knowledge gained from others, I didn't experience too much trouble.

I went much too heavy on the blue tinting on the canopy, though.

But I remember being quite pleased with the jet exhausts.

Anyway, I finished it, but was not very happy with how it turned out, and the photos I took at the time didn't do it any favors. So I put it away and forgot all about it, until today. I borrowed George's Motorcycles premises and took a few pictures, and here they are.

Thanks for looking and happy modelling.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, George. More proof that it can be built.

  2. Love the result, George! Great job! Splendid idea to post it here!

  3. Looks like a nice model of a good looking jet fighter to me.
    I like "Castles made of sand".

  4. Nice results, George. Always like a Maple-leafed aircraft!

  5. Looks like you got a great result on this! I've always like the look of the Voodoo and want to build one in the future though I'll probably go with the Monogram version. The Canadian markings look very sharp on your build. Great job!

  6. She definitely deserves to be posted here, George @chinesegeorge
    Great work done.

  7. Three great reasons to build it George. Top stuff nice one 🙂

  8. Nice looking Voodoo, George. Nice job tackling a not so easy kit.

  9. A victory of talent, tenacity and stubbornness over plastic. It's looks better than it deserves to, which the plastic had nothing to do with. Nice work George.

  10. Hey George @chinesegeorge, that looks mighty fine to my old eyes! 🍻 It looks like it could fly like a "House Burnin' Down"! 😉 I wonder...did they have Voodoos in Electric Ladyland? 😄

  11. Must be Voodoo season, great looking build.!

  12. This is a good one, George (@chinesegeorge). I have also heard that this was a challenging kit, so it is a testament to your skills that it came out so well. I would bet flying with a dark blue canopy would be a mystical experience worthy of Jimi Hendrix. Well done.

    • Yeah, thanks, George @gblair, shame about the canopy, I wonder what Jimi would be doing if he hadn’t passed so early, like so many of his era. I just read that Jeff Beck has passed as well, at least he made it to the age of 78, such a great guitarist.

      • Yes, @chinesegeorge, Jeffrey said farewell to this world. On to bigger and better things we hope! He will be missed so much by the rest of us. 😢
        "The Train Kept a Rollin" indeed...

      • Hi George-
        There is nothing that makes you feel older than having the musical artists that you enjoyed as a young man start to die. It is like knowing that most of the WW2 vets are gone, and now the Korean War vets are going. Even Vietnam vets (I was in the Air Force at the end of Vietnam) are starting to go. I really feel old sometimes.

  13. Nice work on your Voodoo, it is a very nice looking build!

  14. Great work and photos!

  15. Thanks, Bernard @lis, great to hear from you. I usually like to take outdoor photos, but the temperature is minus 20C outside, so these were taken on the windowsill of our communal staircase, it has a north facing window which is good.

  16. Excellent replica. It served the CAF well.

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