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Further newstest buiild of Dora Wings P-47B

January 8, 2023 · in News · · 22 · 1.7K

Here's the recently-released photos of the test-build of the new .

While the rest of the scale modeling internet is doing back flips and shouting "Huzzah!" the scale muddlers at Hyperflail are flailing it with red lines while they search for the nun's hat, surprise surprise.

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  1. I'm always at a loss at how a company can make new and exciting kits while being in the midst of an on going war. Maybe, finding the nuts hat will be difficult for the hexperts. But, doing this kit is nothing short of a miracle. I've tried ordering from Dora to support their efforts in staying in business and last I looked at their website they stated that they couldn't ship anything due to the current circumstances.

    • Order the kits from - Kolia sells all the Ukrainian kits for the companies, has good delivery, and the money goes to buying equipment needed by the Ukraine Army.

      Not only did Dora Wings design and produce these kits in the middle of an on-going war, they did it with the chief designer doing the work while on leave from being an infantryman on the Eastern Front.

    • The Dora Wings site currently has no statement indicating they cannot ship goods. I have regularly ordered from and have had no problems with Ivan Kolenko's service from Lutsk, west of Kyiv near Poland. I got the new ICM Gotha B and Beaufort, Dora Wings CW-21B, and Wingsy Bf 109E-7 two weeks ago. Be aware that service even for in-stock items is not fast. Ivan sends an order confirmation within a day or two, then a PayPal invoice when the order is complete and ready to ship, a week or two - it's better to order only in-stock items if you need something without undue delay. The web site tells you available stock. The kits are shipped with the boxes flattened and the kit stock numbers written on the sealed bags - Ukrainian postal rates are more sensitive to size than we in the US are used to, maybe other European nations, too. Once shipped, packages have arrived here in quite good condition and time. I have had no broken or missing parts in over seven years.

  2. Looks good to me. Glad I passed on buying a Hasegawa P-47 to turn into a “C”……..Came close though.

    • I actually did that once - got the "Southwest Pacific" kit that did Fiery Ginger, which had a modified D-1 cowling that made the conversion fairly easy.

  3. This one looks really nice, Tom (@tcinla). Am I assuming correctly that this is 1/48? I have ordered several things from the PM Store, and they always put interesting extras in the box. A couple of shipments ago, they enclosed a small comic on how hard it was to get the models mailed during a war. Very resilient people. Thanks for the preview.

  4. Is this a test shot in plastic or is this a printed mock up for producing a plastic kit? The detail in the engine for 1/48 scale looks pretty detailed .
    Thank guys for the info on how to order and support.

  5. Even more impressive. Some folks are concerned about the B version being a state side a/c. But, looks like the canopy can be modified to a C model. Or Dora may include a canopy. I'm all in on this one.

    • The B is only a stateside airplane and cannot be converted to a C. It's very different.

      I'm always amazed at how many muddlers think they're modelers. What's the problem of the B being "only a stateside aircraft"? These people are embarrassing that I have to claim them as fellow participants in this hobby. It must be the Hyperfailers.

  6. Why do you go on Diaperscale at all? Never go near it. My life is fine.

  7. Looks great test-built. Thanks for sharing, Tom!

  8. Looks like this is going to be a best seller, Tom @tcinla
    Thanks for keeping us up to date on this subject.

  9. Looks pretty good, and way friendlier to build with a lot less PE unnecessary details. I second John’s opinion, this one will sell like ice creams on a hot day

  10. As a lover of the P-47 this is an awesome release! The detail looks fantastic and the fit looks first rate. I have always liked the P-47 better than the P-51, and in fact any other American fighter of WWII. Stateside only or not this is a great build, painted up in training scheme hopefully from the 56th Fighter Group, that were issued the P-47B while still stateside. Thanks for bringing this to our attention Tom, @tcinla.

  11. You mean that they don't like it? Looks good to these uncalibrated eyes.

  12. Another one to go on my next order from Ukraine!

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