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Little Red Bus of Amelia

Hello, guys! It was more than two years ago when I posted last time. I restarted modeling this summer, have just finished the latest project. This particular Lockheed Vega (NR-7952) is a historical aircraft with which the famous female [...]

Dora Wings 1/48 Bf-109A

First, a little background: The Spanish Civil War was fought between 1936 and 1939, between the Nationalists (supported by Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany) and the Republicans (supported by the Soviet Union and Mexico). The Republicans [...]

Dora Wings 1/48 Vultee Vengeance Mk. II

The V-72 Vengeance dive-bomber was developed independently by Vultee Aircraft Co. for France. A French purchasing commission led by Col Paul Jacquin contracted with Vultee, based on their experience with the V-11 family of attack bombers. [...]

Dora Dewoitine-a 1/32 scale China rarity

Another '30's warplane to make it into The China cauldron was this early example of transitional monoplane from the desk of Dewoitine. The all-metal D-510 was a step in the right direction but just behind the new modern. One thing going [...]

Dora Wings 1/48 Curtiss-Wright SNC-1 Falcon II

The airplane: Reflecting the shift in aviation design in the years leading up to World War II, the SNC Falcon was an all-metal low-wing monoplane derived from a light fighter design and widely used as a training aircraft. Developed at the [...]

Dora Wings 1/48 P-35

The Airplane: The P-35 was a military development of the Seversky SEV-3 three- seat amphibian, designed by Alexander Kartveli, Seversky's chief designer and was Alexander P. de Seversky's first aircraft. The SEV-3 flew in June 1933 and was [...]

This One Fought Back

But not in the way you might think. The model is Dora Wings' 1/48th scale Dewoitine D.510C modeled to represent an airplane in Chinese service against the Japanese during the late 1930s. The kit, which is essentially a high end short-run [...]

Dora Wings 1/48 P-43A Lancer, 1943

This is my first Dora Wings kit, which is produced in the Ukraine. I really enjoyed building this P-43 Lancer. It’s very well executed for the most part but one has to keep in mind this is a limited run model with delicate recessed panel [...]

Review: Before you build the 1/48th Dora Wings Bf 109A/BWatch This!


Review: Dora Wings 1/48 Curtiss-Wright AT-9

The Airplane: In 1940, with the Martin B-26 bomber and Lockheed P-38 fighter on order, the US Army Air Corps knew that it was essential to begin preparations for training pilots so that when they “stepped up” to these “hot” types, [...]