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Vultee Vengeance II

January 17, 2023 · in Aviation · 30 · 0.9K

Here's my latest build, the Vengeance from Dora Wings in 1:48. I've built several models from Dora Wings, but I must say this is their best so far. It needed some extra care dealing with delicate small parts, some were replaced with wire, tubing, and styrene. The PE cowl flaps I really didn't care for, I built my own out of .020 sheet styrene, with the inside trailing edges thinned to a knife edge. The instructions show the flaps installed in the up position, but the kit was obviously made for the flaps to be installed in the dropped position. I reworked the flap wells and flap leading edges and installed them in the up position. The choice of the PE dive brakes in the deployed or retracted position was a no-brainer for a ham-fisted builder such as myself. They're just too delicate. And, I've never seen a photo of a vengeance sitting on it's landing gear with the dive brakes deployed. The tailwheel has to be installed before joining the fuselage halves, and it was no surprise when it got broken off early in the build. I never saw the fork again, so I found a tailwheel the right size and shape in my junk drawer and installed it with stainless tubing. Once completed the inside tailwheel detail can't be seen anyway. The rear seat support structure is delicate, I would suggest installing it near the end of the build, there's plenty of room before the canopy is installed. I broke it when I touched it during the build and rebuilt it with sheet and rod styrene. The kit supplied what looks like .50 cal guns, but the Vengeance II had a single or twin .30s. I found a pair of .30s in my junk drawer and used them. The canopy comes in 5 pieces, and they are nice and clear and fit perfectly. I've had major issues with some clear parts on other Dora Wings kits. The painting instructions call for RAF dark earth, dark green, and light blue undersides. These airplanes were painted at the factory using U.S. versions of RAF colors and were not even close. I mixed my own version of green and brown using color photos of lend-lease aircraft of the period, but color photography from 80 years ago leaves a little to be desired. Whatever. I used Tamiya sky grey on the bottom, the blue looked like RLM 65 and just didn't seem right. Overall, it was an enjoyable build.

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  1. Well done! I need to finish mine……..

  2. It looks great, Chas, especially in the outdoor photographs.

  3. Super result on this, Chas @chasbunch. You're right about it being their best yet.

  4. Really fine work on this Chas.

  5. Excellent result, Chas!

  6. Superb result, Chas @chasbunch
    Great detailing and weathering.
    How did you make the propellor spin on the first image?

    • Thanks, John. On most models I use telescoping brass tubing. Larger tubing secured n the crankcase, smaller tubing for the prop shaft. Crimp a piece of larger tubing on the aft end of the prop shaft to keep it in place. Powered by a hair dryer. My version of the electric airplane!

  7. Super nice, Chas!

  8. Chas, I always enjoy the rare and unusual and a Vultee has to be on that list, especially when its built nice like this is !

    • Thanks, Terry. A big improvement over the old AZ Models kit I built back in 2014!

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  9. Nicely done Chas,she really looks nice. I like it.

  10. Super cool! love the scheme and your paint work!

  11. Love it! Don't see many Vengeances built, and that's a great scheme.

  12. Very good! Vengeance is yours! Ha everybody hates Dora's cowl flaps.

  13. Congratulations on this wonderful build, Chas! Thanks so much for the clear photos and very helpful construction tips.

  14. Nice looking build! Great color scheme.

  15. G'day Chas (@chasbunch),

    This is a great build of a rather obscure aircraft.

    The RAAF used them in action in New Guinea for only six weeks before deciding that, while the Vengeances were effective, other types were more suitable and, perhaps, more reliable. All five squadrons then converted to the B-24.

    The RAF also used them for longer and, it would seem, with considerable success over Burma.

    It is good to see a quality kit (by Dora Wings) of a lesser known type and to see it executed so well (by you).

    I will have to get one, too.

    Liked very much.

  16. Thanks, Michael. Yup, get one, you'll like it!

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