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Retired A&P. My main interest is !:48 WWII and pre-war Golden Age aircraft, but I sometimes build in other scales if the subject matter interests me.

Seversky P-35

Here's my latest build from Dora Wings, their P-35 in 1:48 scale. It's a nice, well detailed kit, much nicer than the Academy P-35A/J-9s I built years ago. I won't go into the history of the P-35, but if you're interested see Tom [...]

Junkers W.34hi Micro Mir 1:48

Here's my latest completion, the Junkers W.34 from Micro-Mir in 1:48. I've done several kits from Micro-Mir and this one seems to be the best one so far, although I had some issues with it. The side windows are oversized for the openings [...]


Here's a thing I built one time when I was trying to decide on my next project and was thinking I should do something with my large stash of spare parts left over from previous builds and wrecks. (I never throw anything away). I started [...]

Yakolev UT-1

Here's my build of Micro-Mir's Yakolev UT-1 in 1:48. I added it to my latest order from Ukraine just because it's a little different and got my attention. It was built as an advanced trainer and aerobatic airplane and was first flown in [...]

Vultee Vengeance II

Here's my latest build, the Vengeance from Dora Wings in 1:48. I've built several models from Dora Wings, but I must say this is their best so far. It needed some extra care dealing with delicate small parts, some were replaced with [...]

My 2022 Builds

I've been looking at all the fine modeling projects here for some time, so I decided to post my builds for the year for my first post. Happy Holidays!