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Char B1 Bis 1/35 Tamiya

February 27, 2023 · in Armor · · 10 · 0.8K

Started off 2023 with ambitions to build some dios and more substantial displays. I began with a real jewel from my stash -- 's Bis. As expected with Tamiya kits,this is a real beauty. A flawless kit of a very unique subject. The kit includes lengthy tow chains to mount on the rear. I think these are the coolest kit-supplied accessories I ever seen.

The Char B1 Bis was a French heavy tank used during the Battle of . It was heavily armored and armed with both a 75mm main gun and a 47mm secondary gun. Despite being slow and underpowered, its heavy armor--up to 60mm--made it impervious to Germany's PZKW III and IV tanks. As a result, FlaK 88mm AA guns and Stuka dive-bombers took the biggest toll on the Char B1. Unfortunately, its advantages--thick armor and powerful guns--were wasted by French tactics that did not employ the Char B1 effectively.

The only significant modification I made was to replace the kit's plastic muffler covers with brass sheet.

For this display, I used my new Proxon Foam Hot Wire Cutter to make the base and a brick wall out of styrofoam. It was my first run using the Proxon and it worked like a charm. The ground work was made with DAS putty, and some garden rocks and dirt, static grass, artificial tufts and Woodland Scenics briar patches. I painted the grass and ground with various Tamiya earth-tone shades; deck tan, buff, and flat earth.

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  1. A excellent model in every respect, Dennis! Surely this Tamiya is a really fine kit, but it takes your skills to come up with such a wonderful result!
    The base is equally excellent and I loved the b/w pic of the model, a nice pair with the "original" you posted.

  2. Very nice result, Dennis @dmeyers
    The modified mufflers are a great addition.
    All the detailing and weathering combined with the base do make it a realistic diorama.

  3. A great build of this classic kit, love the b/w photograph.

  4. This is next level modeling. Great job!

  5. Very good job on that beauty. Nice base too.

  6. Wonderful work on a rather obscure subject. You tells the story well how France Blew it while it had superiority in troops and quantity of equipment. Tanks w.o. radios just do not do the job as well as they could have.
    I will get me the Tamiya kit after seeing your excellent work !

  7. Excellent work, Dennis. That’s my favorite tank kit.

  8. Outstanding work, Dennis, and all the more so for the nifty scene you've created. Painting and weathering are great, and I especially like the mass of heavy chains you've attached at the rear. Congratulations!

  9. That’s a great diorama, Dennis. Your attention to detail and skill in developing that detail is striking. The hanging chain and that one long rust streak above the main gun are just two examples. Excellent work!

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