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The Bird Dog

February 13, 2023 · in Aviation · · 9 · 1.4K

While working on the T-34 Mentor, I took some pictures of a new addition to the hanger, a . The paint scheme is fictional, but the owner has a thing for yellow so he painted it in an Air Force paint scheme replacing yellow for white and then putting Navy on it.

One day we decided to go for $100 dollar hamburgers by flying the Bird Dog over to Port Townsend, to have lunch at the Spruce Goose Cafe. Really good food, at reasonable prices with good service. Its only about a 20 minute flight and was a fun little trip.

The Bird Dog is a pretty incredible aircraft, it just seems to leap into the air, cruises at about 120mph while turning 2300rpm. Yet you can slow it down to 50 mph and stay aloft flying along at what almost seems a stand still. Visibility is great with big windows on the side and above. The windows in the rear open up and out of the way and make it a great photo ship for when they want to do photo shoots of the other aircraft. It was too cold for me to do that this time but you can get an idea of the visibility just from the three videos.

Leaving Paine Field in Everett

Landing in Port Townsend, little surprise cross wind included.

Leaving Port Townsend, I was holding my phone against the structure so it picked up the vibrations of the air frame.

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9 responses

  1. A beautiful aircraft, Walt @luftwaffe-birdman
    Visibility is indeed nearly 360 degree.
    Even with the cross winds, landing seemed to be very smooth.

    • John, @johnb, it is a nice plane and my friend who was flying is bush pilot, who learned to fly and had is pilots license before he had his driving license. I have been up with him a number of times in different planes and always fun and learn new things.

      The landing itself wasn't bad, it was just first right main, left main tail in about equal intervals. The return flight landing was smooth...full flap into head wind slowed down and like a feather we were on the ground.

  2. For sure you had a wonderful time, Walt! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics and videos!

  3. That's the way to break from a day at the bench. Looks a great day out. Some pretty looking birds.

  4. Looks like a great day out, Walt, I guess the payload was a little heavier after lunch.

  5. Great post, thanks a lot!

  6. Enjoyed your Bird Dog post and the videos Walt @luftwaffe-birdman. Looks like you guys has a fun day. Years ago when I explored Paine Field, I visited an outfit that was building brand new reproductions of flyable two seater Me 262's. Whatever became of the project? Or I do I have the wrong airfield?

    • Your memory is correct Eric, @eb801, the Me-262 Project was at Paine Field, and when I left in 2018 was still there, they had a plane built, but were struggling with CG issues due to the different engines being used. I think they have a couple flying examples built.

      Paul Allen was actually having one rebuilt with the Original engines, just upgrading the materials in the engines to make them more reliable and durable. I believe they continued progress on it after his death, but the family is liquidating many of his other planes and projects.

  7. I got to fly an O-1 back in 1989 ( I think? Gotta dig out the log book) while living in Wisconsin. Next to the T-34, my favorite to fly.

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